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Patch NotesEdit

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed smoke rendering exploits that were possible when running certain video capture applications.
  • Fixed rare issues when equipping the same loadout item for both teams.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of tournament matches would not refresh.
  • Added official game servers cluster in Atlanta.


  • Added new carpet footstep sounds.
    • Tweaked sounds of suits when running to synchronize with footsteps.

[ MAPS ]

  • Overpass
    • Made first train event predictable, train will start 10 seconds after Ts leave their spawn tunnel
    • Implemented area sound for train, can now use sound reliably throughout B site to hide grenade sounds, footsteps etc.
    • Fixed a see-through texture near Bombsite A towards upper park
  • Dust II
    • Fixed 30 exotic spots where C4 could get stuck[1]

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Added new C4 (trigger & explosion) sounds.[2]
  • Updated P90 view model.[3]
  • The 2015 Service Medal was added to the game, and can now be claimed by players after reaching rank 40.


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