Patch Notes


  • Added a server convar sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks_holdaim which determines how long (number of ticks) a server holds client aim data while processing a backlog of user commands.
  • On Valve servers, GOTV demos will now reliably broadcast and record players’ viewangles on the ticks when weapons were fired.


  • Controllers will now reliably be recognized if plugged in mid-session.
  • Fixed a handful of bugs in the options menu in regards to navigating.
  • Fixed the keybind page being in a bad state when you navigate to it via the Audio “EDIT USE MIC KEY” button.
  • Threaded occlusion query to help with server performance in casual games with many players. occlusion_test_async turns it on or off.
  • Added OSX convar, mat_osx_force_csm_enabled which forces dynamic shadows on.


  • de_zoo
    • Made one of the windows in CT sniper hut (facing long A) solid
    • Made the tower in the lemur enclosure partially climbable (disabled hiding spot just below the platform
    • Blocked LOS when standing on the signpole near T spawn looking into “Truck” and the aquarium
    • Fixed some fishes leaving their aquarium
    • Fixed several (self)boost spots that weren’t supposed to be reachable
    • Fixed the gaps in one of the wooden fences at CT spawn
    • Fixed several pixelwalks (including the one at mid above the spiral staircase)
    • Fixed possibility to throw grenades onto the false ceiling at mid connector
    • Fixed a wallbang spot at Upper T