Patch Notes

[ MAPS ]

Updated Cache to the latest Steam Workshop version:


Added Steam Workshop entries for community servers to run official versions of Canals and Rialto that come included with CS:GO:

[ GOTV ]

[ MISC ]

  • Updated the following community weapon finishes with normal maps:
    • M4A4 | The Battlestar
    • SSG 08 | Big Iron
    • Glock-18 | Wraiths
    • Desert Eagle | Directive
    • Thanks to Millenia, Primrose!~ and Gaunt.

Undocumented changes

  • Added Separatists upper body textures for Perfect World.
  • Added Simplified Chinese for Perfect World (csgo_schinese_pw.txt).
  • Added reference to localization token for Survival Mode (#SFUI_Notice_Survival_Players_Left)[1]
  • Added references to Key Chains and Medkit models.[1].
  • Added references to following props models: "Money bag", "Drone", "supply_crate" (small and chute), "armor_heavy" and "armor".[1]
  • Added references to unusable console commands related to Survival Mode, taunts, "Drones", Head and player model customization [1].
  • Added reference to unusable console command related to chickens: sv_armored_chickens [1]:
  • Added reference to Refunding Exosuit & Helmet texts[1].
    • "REFUNDING EXOSUIT PRICE (need localization)" and "REFUNDING HELMET PRICE (need localization)".


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