Patch Notes

[COLOGNE 2016]


  • Community GOTV relays will now reliably sign in to Steam and CS:GO backend when launched straight with +tv_advertise_watchable 1 +tv_relay addr:port.
  • GOTV relays will now correctly communicate their statistics about connected proxies and clients upstream and downstream.
  • Added convars commonly used in GOTV relay chains to common dictionary encoding.


  • Added sounds for players joining and leaving party lobbies.
  • Upgraded sound fidelity for Nova, Sawed Off, and XM1014 shotguns.
  • Molotov:
    • Fixed a bug where an in-hand fire sound would persist when a player was killed while holding a primed Molotov.
    • Upgraded sound fidelity for Molotov priming sound.
    • Reduced volume of in-hand fire sound for a primed Molotov


  • Added convar cl_spec_swapplayersides to flip display of competitive HUD to match teams seating on stage.
  • Spectator UI – Player panel now tints yellow or blue based on the team of the person you are spectating.


  • Fixed broken flex data in studiomdl

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