Patch Notes


  • Revolver and Negev have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking as they undergo substantial revision.
  • Revolver:
    • Firing delay significantly reduced
  • Negev:
    • New attributes to promote suppressive fire.
    • Reduced price.
    • New sounds that dynamically indicate weapon accuracy.


  • Added ability to add friends using CS:GO friend codes.
  • Added recent teammates and invites UI on the main menu.
  • GOTV connections will now use SDR in most of the regions.
  • Fixed missing texture on Huntsman Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Added convar mp_items_prohibited which takes a comma-delimited list of weapon definition indices to prohibit from purchase on the server.
  • Lowered volume of ambient sound in de_vertigo to match ambient volume of other maps.
  • Fixed several OSX graphics crashes related to running out of vertex shader constants.
  • Fixed a game crash related to game stats.



  • fixed more pixelwalk spots & places where bomb could get stuck
  • fixed sticky clip brush at B
  • fixed Z-fighting railing at bridge
  • fixed visible nodraw underneath a bridge
  • improved clipping under T side bridges
  • fixed Z-fighting below CT arches
  • adjusted courtyard statues and stairs for better movement
  • fixed various fade distance issues
  • widened B site and palace doors
  • aligned palace windows better
  • fixed floating clothesline
  • adjusted pecklesteiner[1]
  • fixed missing texture at back alley
  • removed clip from garden lamp post because it’s at jumping height
  • prevented planting bomb on railing at A
  • removed lamp posts between A and CT spawn

Undocumented changes

  • Updated Negev's inventory description[2]
  • Updated localization files.
  • Increased reserve ammo to 300 for Negev (was 200)
  • Added "Item Certificate" text related to csgo_english.


  1. CS:GO patch notes use a made up word by a Redditor.: GlobalOffensive
  2. In description: "The Negev is a beast that can keep the enemy at bay with its pin-point supressive fire, provided you have the luxury of time to gain control over it.", "suppressive" word is misspelled.

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