Patch Notes

[ MISC ]

  • If CTs rescue a hostage and win game now plays "Hostage has been rescued" announcement before announcing "Counter-Terrorists Win".
  • Hostages now correctly drop to ground when hostage carrier was killed mid-air.
  • Menus will now correctly display on various resolution ratios including 5:4 and triple monitor
  • Friends panel will now display an invited icon for invited friends.
  • Fixed mouse input in demo playback .
  • Lobby leader is now highlighted in lobby.
  • Various layout changes to Lobby and Scoreboard.
  • Map makers can now choose to show a custom loading image in place of the map overview/radar image
    • To do this, place a .jpg image in the same directory as the .bsp (in maps) named _loading.jpg (it needs to be packed manually into the bsp before uploading to the workshop)
  • Fixed player viewmodel arms rendering inside out when cl_righthand was set to 0
  • Added back player_say game event for server plugins.