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Patch NotesEdit


  • Cobblestone
    • Blocked long sightline from back of Bombsite B
    • No longer possible to plant on top of hut at bombsite A
    • Made statue base at bombsite B taller, so players can’t peek over
    • Made hut on bombsite B catwalk wider
    • Moved all T spawns to upper level
    • Decreased fog
    • Removed small tree near platform in mid
    • Pushed down some vegetation that players could hide in
    • Disabled collision on small rocks
    • Blocked visibility through cart in mid
    • Revised cover in Bombsite B courtyard
  • Overpass
    • Redesigned the connector between canal and park
    • Made tunnels under Bombsite A easier to navigate
    • Added lights to hut near Bombsite A


  • Matches in which a whole team gets disconnected will no longer terminate and the disconnected players will get the opportunity to reconnect and finish the match.
  • Added a new context menu option ‘Use With Trade Up Contract,’ which will be visible when you own ten or more items of the same quality.
  • Weapons can no longer be deleted from the inventory.
  • Added a game setting for streamers to allow backend integration with new directory.
  • Added backend integration with Steam Community for better inventory filtering and Steam Community Market search.
  • Added support for per-channel ratelimits in engine threaded network layer, ratelimits are controlled with a group of net_threaded_socket convars.
  • Fixed pistol round achievements to award player progress in the pistol round of the second half in competitive matches.
  • Fixed several rare crashes on clients and servers.
  • Fixed a problem in tournament round backups when players had invalid characters in their persona names.

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