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Patch Notes


  • Added the CS:GO Collectible Pins Series 1 capsule offer that can be purchased in-game.
  • As of June 1st, Series 1 Genuine Collectible Pins will be available at


  • Default spec_freeze_time reduced from 5.0 to 3.0.
  • Added fade and blur to deathcam (when mp_forcecamera 1).
  • Fade and blur in deathcam are more aggressive when killed with a headshot (when mp_forcecamera 1).


  • Improved spectating cameras for de_cache.
  • Improved spectating cameras for de_nuke.
  • Added convars cl_spec_use_tournament_content_standards and sv_spec_use_tournament_content_standards that allow the client and/or server to prefer official pro player names when available and omit weapon tags for spectators.


  • The ‘swap item’ crosshair hint will display the weapon’s original name even if the weapon has been renamed with a name tag.


Undocumented changes

  • Added references to Arrows.
  • Added references to unreleased Taunts
    • "Normally taunts are restricted to respawning game modes and the end of the round. Set this to allow taunts at any time."
    • Taunt definition %short: missing required "name"
    • Taunt definition %short: missing required "sequence_name"
    • Taunt definition %short: name must be signed char positive integer
  • Added console commands references to Adrenaline to game code
    • adrenaline_duration
    • adrenaline_health_buffer
  • Added ExoSuit attributes references to game code.
    • "Stamina penalty for jumping when wearing ExoSuit"
    • "Stamina penalty for landing when wearing ExoSuit"
    • Server cVARs : sv_exosuit_jumpbonus_forward, sv_exosuit_jumpbonus_up, sv_staminajumpcostexo and sv_staminalandcostexo.
  • Added reference to "tilegen" game mode
    • "Missing gamemode argument. Valid arguments are: Valids arguments are: 'casual', 'competitive', 'arsrace', 'deathmatch', 'custom', 'demolition', 'guardian', 'tilegen'".
  • Added Breach Charge references
    • "CBreachCharge"
    • "CBreachChargeProjectile"
    • concvar:ammo_grenade_limit_breachcharge.
  • Added references to entity spawn codes to MK2 Grenade (weapon_mk2grenade), Compound Bow (weapon_bow),Money (Item) (item_money), Money Bag (item_moneybag), Sonar Pulse (item_sonarpulse) and Fists (weapon_fists).
  • Added references to Wearables
    • Also added model references to cosmetic gloves such like: "Bare hands", "Fingerless gloves", "Full Finger gloves" and "Hard Knuckle" (Black and Blue)
    • Added not exist "Localization tokens" to types of the wearables like "appearance", "customhead" , "customplayer", "eyewear", "facemask", "hands", "hat", "lowerbody" and "torso"
  • Added references to Loadout slot "Sprays".

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