Patch Notes


  • Added DreamHack 2013 tab in watch panel. This is the hud to watch and download all the games.
  • Added a panel to the spectator UI that shows the event logo, spectator number and viewer item drops during freeze time of an event.
  • Added a convar sv_matchpause_auto_5v5, when enabled will track if less than 5 human players are connected on either team and will pause match during nearest freezetime, and will automatically unpause when all 5 players are connected on both teams.
  • Spectators of competitive games can now access their inventory.
  • Fixed ADR showing the value from the previous half on round 1 of the second half.
  • Fixed case where a data series could exceed the chart range.
  • Grenade collision with doors is not affected when the grenade kills a chicken.
  • Players can no longer throw weapons through displacement surfaces.

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