Patch Notes

[ Minor Fixes ]

  • Fixed bomb defusal resetting when a server lags below 20fps.
  • Fixed a case where the round and timer were not being updated when spectating.
  • Fixed another case where warmup alerts panel didn't show for late joiners.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when you died that associated with the spectator panel.
  • Fixed general scaleform crashes.
  • Made radio commands also selectable via the keypad numbers.
  • Fixed enemies on radar that were above/below you showing their up/down indicators rotated.
  • Made alive/dead state on the spectator UI easier to read.
  • Replaced mp_teamname_t and mp_teamname_ct with mp_teamname_1 and mp_teamname_2 to disambiguate convars from sides in a mode that supports team switching at halftime. Now the names follow the teams after the switch. ( mp_teamname_1 is the team that first plays CT ).
  • Changed spectator HUD to show which primary weapon each player has purchased during freeze time.
  • Made spectator HUD show all grenades carried by each player.

[ Classic Competitive Changes ]

  • Added an explanation about competitive mode rules to better explain its difference from other modes.
  • Added save/restore of cash for competitive matches: When a player disconnects and reconnects in competitive mode, their pre-disconnect money will now be preserved.
  • Added a button requiring players to ready-up when a competitive match is found. When all 10 players ready-up then the matchmaking servers lock them in for the match. Abandoning at any point after clicking the ACCEPT button will result in Competitive cooldown.
  • Increased competitive cooldowns to 30 minutes for first offense, 2 hours for second offense and so on.
  • Kicking a player no longer offers a vote to continue. The game will proceed with a bot in place of the kicked player.