Patch Notes

The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.

Undocumented changes

  • Changes:
    • Pixed pixelwalk at Closet/Car on B site
    • Fixed pixelwalk at T spawn by Suicide
    • Adjusted sky color
    • Moved electrical pole at A site car to outside wall
    • Fixed wallbanging spot at A Plat
    • Fixed wallbanging spot at Outside Long
    • Fixed crate model with bad collision at CT spawn
    • Fixed being able to molotov people on Short A from CT Spawn
    • Adjusted skybox above Short A so it can be naded from Long Doors
    • Updated some Arabic signs
    • Replaced old crate model in Upper Tunnels
    • Removed models on Catwalk that players mistook for a head
    • Moved green paint line down on building at Cat Boost
    • Moved palm tree that was distracting players entering at Short A
    • Building roofs now have collision for nading
    • Adjusted color value on cars to improve player reads
    • Adjusted crates at Outside Long and moved overhang
    • Changed tarp surface types to match underlying surface materials.
    • Wallbanging tarp areas will now be consistent with underlying surfaces.
    • Added collision to bottom sills of rollup doors
    • Removed buggy collision on 256/256_short industrial awning
    • Fixed small gap in 56x90_01 window that allowed player to see OOW
    • New tunnels doorway arch model duplicate with very accurate inner opening collision
    • Moved car a bit at Outside Long
    • Fixed angled wood brace that was hanging up players at Window
    • Fixed lighting bug on Window model at B site
    • Moved door inward and removed shadowed space at peach color building next to A site
    • Wallhugging slowdown fixed on Tunnels spiral stairs (thanks Rf)
    • Fixed wallbanging bugs on cover props in bombsite B
    • Moved column in Tunnels slightly to ease player movement
    • Moved wooden scaffold upward in Closet at B Site due to head bump
    • Fixed concrete stairs that had a missing backface
    • Fixed mirrored stop sign at T Spawn
    • Changed cover color at Mid to help with player readability
    • Fixed bad clip on tower from CT Mid to CT Spawn


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