Patch Notes



  • Added Streams tab to Watch menu.
  • Friends rich presence now also includes the map if they are reviewing a match from their Match History.
  • Fixed being able to invite and message yourself in the Watch menu scoreboard.
  • Fixed hitches that would happen when updating match data in Watch menu.
  • Reduced memory footprint of Inventory menu.
  • Added warning that will show when you have have a corrupt download from Your Games tab.


  • Players in a match can now see the number of GOTV spectators in the scoreboard.
  • Added spectator count display to top live Competitive matches.
  • Added support for GOTV relays to allow a much large number of spectators for top live Competitive matches.
  • Added convar tv_maxclients_relayreserved which allows reserving a certain number of slots from tv_maxclients for GOTV relays.
  • Added convar tv_dispatchweight which allows better control of load balancing in relay chains, defaults to 1.25 which for every 4 local spectators will send 5 spectators to each connected relay.
  • Fixed empty GOTV spectator chat messages.


  • Fixed a crash on startup
  • Fixed not being able to equip the default weapon into a loadout slot that previously contained a decorated weapon.
  • Improved decorated weapon material compositing to prevent dark patches on some weapons with clean exterior.

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