Patch Notes


  • Added eye shielding animation to players blinded by flashbangs.
  • Fixed respawning in Deathmatch sometimes choosing a spawn point visible to players when more ideal positions were available.
  • Fixed a bug in Deathmatch that could create weapons on the ground if a player spammed his "buy" key immediately upon respawn.


  • Added changeable, preset camera positions for all shipped maps that are activated by selecting a player with SHIFT + 0-9 while spectating. (see for more info)
  • Target players now glow white when viewing from a spectator camera in ROAMING mode.
  • When spectating in ROAMING mode, we now draw a subtle Aiming Vector Line that shows each player’s aiming direction.
  • Dropped C4 now glows for spectators (yellow = dropped, flashing red = planted, green = defused).
  • Added more UI during freeze time to display player money, spent money that round, and kills/assists/deaths.
  • Improved armor icons in spectator panels.
  • Fixed recoil not being applied in GOTV and replays.
  • Fixed UI weapon image sometimes being blank in GOTV.
  • StatTrak now displays correct number of kills in GOTV and replays.
  • Reenabled the spec_goto command and fixed it not working properly if called from a key bind.
  • Moved the autodirector toggle key from “+speed” to “radio3” (from SHIFT key to the C key by default).
  • Streams tab now includes 6 live streams.


  • Scope lines now blur out completely to better match the weapon's current inaccuracy.
  • Improved Fiveseven viewmodel animation
  • Improved Tec-9 viewmodel animation

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