Patch Notes

[ Minor Fixes ]

  • Matchmaking
    • Added a vote to continue playing competitive match with bots after a human player abandons the match, unanimous agreement of remaining human players is required to continue playing with bots.
    • Reduced time required for confirming match when searching for competitive players and servers.
    • Improved overall search times in competitive queue mode.
    • Added a client message when the wamup [sic] period ends.
    • Extended competitive match warmup period to 90 seconds.
    • Message of the day will automatically dismiss itself when competitive match starts.
    • Added an explanation to competitive cooldown timer for clients.
    • Added a condition to apply competitive cooldown to players who have disconnected from the match.
    • Implemented scaling cooldown periods for repeat incidences.
  • Vertigo
    • Rearranged props below the boost-up ladder to prevent players jumping onto the ladder without boosting
    • Clipped off various tiny ledges
    • Made small props protruding from walls non-solid
    • Fixed visible nodraw in ceiling hole
  • Misc
    • Fixed a long standing bug where you could lose mouse input when you got to the team select screen.
    • Fixed a bug where the color correction during freeze time did not account for the players also being invulnerable during the new warmup - this fixed the CC gap at the start.
    • Fixed some bugs relating to the warmup notification not reliably showing for late joiners.
    • The chat now displays when the warmup has ended, just like when it is in progress.