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Patch NotesEdit


  • Ali:
    • Updated with bugfixes.


  • Updated the spectator UI
    • Spectator UI shows all weapons that a player has equipped instead of just the grenades and currently equipped.
    • Moved the armor icons off of the player avatar and updated icon placements.
    • Added Team Round Value display when spectating that shows the current equipment value of the alive members of a team versus the other team.
  • Updated map selector UI to show more maps on a single page.
  • Fixed usp-s and m4a1-s icons not showing up in the spectator hud.
  • If the max rounds is set to > 999, it will display in the spectator UI as "--".
  • Fixed weapon icons being scaled improperly in the team scoreboard in Arms Race Mode.


  • Grenades no longer bounce off chickens.
  • Fixed a money exploit in official competitive matchmaking.
  • Fixed potential issue where round backups could incorrectly restore some players as dead.
  • Fixed round backups not correctly restoring StatTrak knives for players.
  • Fixed a bug downloading workshop maps with Steam set to a non-English language.
  • Fixed additional memory leaks.

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