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Patch Notes

[ CSGO ]


  • Zeus can only be purchased once per round and cannot be dropped.
  • Players can now only purchase five of any weapon per round (controlled with mp_weapons_allow_typecount).


  • Improved animation performance for certain hardware configurations.
  • Fixed Molotov holding pose.
  • Fixed incorrect foot position for pistol deploys.
  • Reduced cycle rates for ladder animations at top speed.
  • Small increase to crouchwalk cycle rates, footfall fixes.
  • Adjusted blend on C4 plant animation.
  • Adjusted defuser cable thickness.
  • Fixed defuser cables not disconnecting from the defusing CT player.
  • Adjusted crouch animation rise and fall speed.

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed some improper inventory icon camera positions.
  • Fixed flickering shadows associated with dynamic player culling.
  • Fixed cases where culling plane intersected or completely covered players.

[ MAPS ]

  • Updated Cache to the latest version.

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