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Patch notes

The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.


  • Allowing wider range for network channel bandwidth rate setting representing allowed game traffic to client:
    • Increased default rate to 196608 which will accommodate users with internet connections of 1.5 Mbps or better.
    • Players can increase their rate setting up to 786432 to represent 6 Mbps surge bandwidth allowed, but must be aware that requesting high surge bandwidth may cause packet loss if their ISP or network hardware drops packets at a high surge rate.


  • Flying smoke grenades no longer have a half-second restriction after a bounce before subsequent bounce can extinguish a molotov.
  • Smoke grenades bouncing off a surface not directly on fire will not extinguish a molotov.
  • Smoke grenades can no longer stick under a hot surface to extinguish a molotov.
  • Smoke can still extinguish fires in a smoke volume even if the emitting smoke grenade rests behind an obstacle.


  • Fixed a bug where players could double crouch jump higher than designed height.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to uncrouch in the air.


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