Patch Notes


  • Added UI to see current Perfect World account balance and add funds from the main menu.
  • Added ability to purchase keys outside of case opening.


  • Operation Hydra passes are now 50% off.
  • Fixed a rare case where Operation Hydra rewards were earned at reduced rate for accounts who maxed out their regular weekly XP.
  • Fixed an issue where the Operation Hydra UI erroneously claimed that more stars would become available next week.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some UI elements to show a gold operation coin for users with diamond coins.
  • Removed weekly “Operation XP Exhausted” end-of-match warning for players with the maximum amount of event stars.

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed some cases where footstep sounds would not be heard. Thanks to /u/Jambozx for his video demonstration this issue.
  • Updated Mac-10 | Oceanic to have more randomness in the texture pattern.
  • Fixed several security exploits (thanks Sikari!)

Undocumented changes


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