Patch Notes


  • Fixed an FOV zoom bug caused by crouching immediately after a zoomed-in shot.[1]
  • Fixed a case where rapidly pressing a key while loading into a competitive game would prevent the client from spawning.
  • Adjusted the molotov/incendiary grenade extinguishing distance.
  • Fixed mouse cursor being visible and eating keyboard input during Demo playback.


  • Added SIGINT handler to issue a graceful sv_shutdown.
  • Added SIGTERM handler to quit the server.



  • Fixed a spot near mid doors where C4 could get stuck
  • Fixed some texture bugs in A site
  • Raised lamp near T spawn towards mid
  • Added commemorative grafitti[2][3]


  • Fixed a ladder bug close to T entrance to A
  • Fixed a bug where grenades could fall into traintrack grooves and not deal any damage


  • Improved the silhouette of forklift to facilitate better firefights
  • Fixed an issue where weaponry could become irretrievable beneath vent (Thanks JoshOG!)

Undocumented changes

  • Fixed a few typos in Maniac's name.
  • Party mode has been disabled.

External Links


  1. AWP shoot crouch fov bug on
  2. New graffiti above T spawn
  3. Fnatic Quad AWP - ESL Cologne 2015 [60fps] on