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Counter-Strike Online
Developer(s) Valve Corporation
NEXON Corporation
Publisher(s) Valve Corporation
NEXON Corporation
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2008
Genre First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Counter-Strike Online (CSO or CSOL) is a spin-off multiplayer first-person shooter in the Counter-Strike series. It is targeted towards the Asian gaming market, developed by South Korean company NEXON Corporation with oversight from license-holder Valve Corporation, and is using the GoldSrc engine. Some of the models and maps are reused from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It uses a micropayment model that is managed by a custom version of the Steam back-end.

A sequel titled Counter-Strike Online 2 is currently in development.


Counter-Strike Online features some old game modes from the previous games in the series as well as new ones, modified version of custom modes:

  • Original
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Gun Deathmatch
  • Item Battle
  • Basic
  • Zombie Original
  • Zombie Mutant
  • Zombie Union
  • Zombie Hero
  • Zombie Darkness
  • Zombie Scenario
  • New Zombie Shelter
  • Human Scenario
  • Metal Arena
  • Challenge
  • Hidden
  • Zombie Escape
  • Bazooka Battle
  • Beast
  • Zombie Giant
  • Fight Yard
  • Attack On Titan
  • Zombie Annihilation
  • Zombie File


The game also features a variety of additions over the international games, such as an introduction of female characters, numerous new weapons and skins for previous weapons. Most of the weapons are "locked" by default, so cash points or game points are essential to purchase them. Cash points are purchased through real-world money for special weapons, skins, power-ups, etc. You can also buy standard weapons for periods of time using game points earned from playing the game.


Players compete each other to get the highest kill. After death, a player will respawn randomly on the map in 5 seconds and will be invincible for 3 seconds.

Team Deathmatch

Counter-Terrorists compete with Terrorists to get the highest kill score. There is no specific goal and players will respawn in 5 seconds and are invincible for 3 seconds after death.

Zombie Original

Zombie Original closely follows the popular, unofficial mods of Zombie Mod - specifically, Infection mode.

Zombie Mutant


  • If standing idle and are not attacked for 3 seconds, zombies regenerate their hit points.
  • The host zombie can use its special ability by pressing the G key.
  • Humans can see the location of supply boxes on radar.
  • Press the V key to toggle supply boxes on radar.

New human items:

  • Bomb Specialist: Can hold 2 HE Grenades at a time.
  • Nata Knife: This beautifully curved single-blade knife is designed to enhance its range and damage.
  • Hammer: Although it is woefully slow and inefficient as a weapon, the secondary fire from it can knock away the incoming zombies.
  • Sprint: When activated, a user can run faster than the zombies for 10 seconds. However, he will get exhausted later on and moves very slow for 5 seconds.
  • Firebomb: When thrown and exploded, it will cause continuous burn damage to victims for several seconds.

New zombies:

  • Light zombie: An abomination created by Dr. Rex. This zombie is code-named as 'Light type'. This specimen boasts fast movement and good jumping ability but is vulnerable when attacked. The Light Zombie host possesses the ability to turn itself invisible.
  • Heavy zombie: An abomination created by Dr. Rex. This zombie is code-named as 'Heavy type'. This specimen is excellent for breaking the defensive lines of hymans and can absorb some taken damage. The Heavy Zombie host has an ability to pull out a device inside from body that can be used as a trap to ensnare any unlucky humans.
  • Psycho zombie: This zombie was originally a co-worker biologist of Dr. Rex when it was a human. He turned the victim into a zombie in an accident, earning the nickname of 'psycho type'. The Psycho Zombie host has a skill that screens an area with thick smoke.
  • Voodoo zombie: Willingly exposed themselves to Dr. Rex's virus in pursuit of higher power, these former voodoo shamans draw great power to heal other zombies and curse enemies so that they cannot use skills or items for a certain period of time.
Zombie Hero


  • Zombie that stay in place for three seconds and not subjected to any attack will automatically restore health.
  • All zombie skills can be used via shortcuts column to correspond the skills.
  • Unless suffering from a headshot, zombies will revive after a few seconds.
  • Humans' attack power will be increased by 10% for each death of a zombie.
  • Press the <V> key to open/close the display of the location for the supply box.

New human items:

  • Deadly Shot: When activated, its user can do fatal damage to zombies for 5 seconds.
  • Bloody Blade: When activated, its user's melee weapon's damage is doubled for 5 seconds.

New zombies:

  • Deimos: A special zombie that started to appear in a large scale since Prototype Phobos have been discovered. Its DNA has been identified as the similar type as Phobos. This zombie is strong and powerful as it possesses most of the advantages that the current discovered zombies own. It has a skill to drop the weapons of enemies with a long distance attack or make them unable to attack for a period of time.
  • Ganymede: It has been classified as Siege Type Deimos according to Aegis laboratory and it is called Ganymede. It is very threatening as it has strong HP and excellent agility to attack humans. Beside that, he can pass through bullets easily. It also has the skill to rush towards enemies with very fast speed.
Zombie Hero

This the first update for Zombie Hero where it includes new items:

  • Salamander (flamethrower)
  • Stamper (Undertaker zombie)
  • Banshee (Witch zombie)
  • Jiang Shi (Chinese zombie)
Zombie Hero

The Z-Virus Update is the second patch for Zombie Hero with new zombies and weapons. The new items introduced are:

  • M32 MGL (6 rounds grenade launcher)
  • Sting Finger (Infected Female Researcher)
  • Venom Guard (Infected Security Guard)
Zombie Darkness

This is a mode where players are divided into minor zombie and major human team. The goal of this mode for the zombie team is to find human players to make them as zombies within the time limit while the human team either escapes from the zombies or annihilates them. Additionally, zombie will become stronger when the darkness comes to visit them.


  • Zombie can only be killed with concentrating fire.
  • Adrenaline will be obtained as time goes by.
  • Useful weapons are dropped everywhere in the map.
  • HE Grenade, Flashbang and Smoke Grenade have special effects.
  • Can obtain extra EXP and Point according to the damage that you give to the zombies.


  • Normal Zombie: have an ability to rush and can also climb on the wall. Defense ability is average.
  • Light Zombie: Can hide during rush and rapidly jump high to attack. However, defense ability is low.
  • Heavy Zombie: Focuses on defense while moving. It has an ability to jump high to shake earth's axis.Defense ability is very strong.
  • Night Stalker: High defense and strong mobility zombie. When [Hardening Sprint] is activated, defense will increase as using his arm to protect the body. When leap into the air, you have the second jump to raid the enemy in split seconds.
  • Spin Diver: Highly maneuverability zombies, although defense and movement speed are low, but when [Rolling] ability is activated, able to roll to speed up. Can be activated by double pressing W. When special abilities [Pounce] is activated, jump forward in medium height to rush the human. Can be activated by right click. Consumes energy for each usage.
Challenge Mode


  • The player who passes the finish line first wins.


  • Players receive points when they reach the finish line.
  • Only the record from games played in the Official Challenge Server will be registered.
  • To go back to the start line, step over the red line past the finish line.
  • Players are free to time their progress while the game lasts.
Zombie Scenario

This mode requires cooperation from human players to fight against zombies that are manipulated by the computer.

  • Goal: Fight against the zombies and survive until the end.
  • Features:
    • You can purchase or upgrade weapons in shop areas by clicking 'B'.
    • '5 Key' and '6 Key' are for HP recovery and 'R Key' is for battle revival.
    • You can use the 'R Key' to activate the round retry item when the mission has failed or when the team has been annihilated.
    • There is maximum dollar benefit for the person who uses the round retry item.
    • Your ranking will be registered only when you select $800 as minimum possession money.(You cannot use the related item with respawn)
    • You will receive more bonus when you clear the round by survival status.
Zombie Scenario
  • Goal: Kill certain targets after arriving at the destination by following the designated road.
  • Features: There are 60 seconds to wait for your respawn after you die but you can immediately respawn by using 'R Key'.

Includes 2 new soccer maps and new character skins. The main objective is basically to score points by kicking the ball into the oppositions goal. Players are allowed to purchase items and stab enemies during the gameplay. There are special shots that can be used in the game:

  • Power Shot
  • Cannon Shot
  • Night Hawk Shot
  • Summon Shot
  • Ghost Shot
  • Twister Shot

Hidden was released on 1st week of January 2012. The first player who reaches the target kills wins the game. Hidden follows an unofficial Half-Life 2 mod, The Hidden. In Hidden, a player will be chosen as the Joker and needs to eliminate the other players. The Joker has 300 health points and will be fully invisible when stationary while half-invisible when moving.

Zombie Escape

The humans must escape from the zombies by reaching the escaping vehicle. This mode is round-based.At every round player will be chosen as the Host zombie and must infect all humans and prevent them from reaching the escape zone. The humans that succeed reaching the escape zone will be safe while the late ones will be left behind and die.

Bazooka Battle

Bazooka Battle was released on January 31, 2012 for Korea server. In this mode, the players can only use Bazooka and must eliminate the opposing force. The players in this mode can move faster than usual.

Gun Deathmatch

Gun Deathmatch is based on a Counter-Strike mod, Gun Game. This mode was released on March 2012, as the response of a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mode, Arsenal. The gameplay is similar to the Gun Game with several modifications.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. "Advancing Giants") is a crossover game mode.


The default models are reused from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.





  • Natasha - Top sniper
  • Choijiyoon - 707 Commander
  • Criss - SAS top medic
  • Mei - Chinese spy
  • Keith Icahn - Famous zombie hunter
  • Gerrard - SAS general (Gordon Freeman resemblance)
  • Lucia - Marine commander
  • Enzo - Marine soldier
  • Natasha (casual) - Top sniper (casual clothes)
  • Fernando - Demon exorcist
  • Alice (Limited Edition)
  • Walter - Aegis Institute mercenary
  • Choijiyoon (Limited Edition)
  • Isabelle - A former boxer
  • Master Craftsman Henry Stoner - A master craftsman
  • Dominique - An escapee from Super Soldier Program that has interest in Alin
  • Soy - Aegis Institute's researcher
  • Choi Ji Yoon (Soccer)
  • Andrey/Max Thacker (Soccer)
  • Ha Ly


  • Jennifer - Experiment sample
  • Ritsuka - Reborn of Athena
  • Yuri - Bomb expert
  • Erica - Japanese high school student
  • Spade - Zombie terminator
  • David Black - SAS traitor
  • Michaela - Pirate captain
  • Raven - Pirate member
  • Jennifer (Army) - Experiment sample (army clothes)
  • Blair - Professional hunter
  • Yuri (Limited Edition)
  • Carlito - Vanguard Contact mercenary
  • Michaela (Limited Edition)
  • Lingling - An idol
  • Gunsmith - A creative craftswoman
  • Alin - An adept B-girl
  • Jim - Leader of Red Lizard Mercenary
  • Yuri (Soccer)
  • Asia Red Army (Soccer)
  • Krieg

Metal ArenaEdit

  • Alice - Main protagonist in Metal Arena mode.
  • Tanker
  • Rifleman

Zombie 3: HeroEdit

  • Andrey/Max Thacker - The Hero in Zombie: The Hero. Use very powerful weapons.
  • Kate - The Heroine in Zombie: The Hero.


  • Doctor Aegis - Secret mission briefer that is related to zombie incident in Rex Research Institute.
  • Evelyn - A mission provider.
  • Felix - Ditto.
  • Jacob - Ditto.
  • Victor - Commander in Human Scenario mode.
  • Jim - Commander Victor assistant.
  • Doctor Rex - An Antagonist NPC appeared in Conspiracy, Envy Mask, Paranoia and Madness chapters.
  • Soy - Alias Dr. A, researcher and owner of Aegis laboratory.
  • Jack - Ditto.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

There are many exclusive new items in Counter-Strike Online.

  • Colt Anaconda - 7 rounds revolver that has higher rate of fire than Night Hawk but lower damage.
  • SVI Infinity - 8 rounds pistol that can be upgraded.
  • Luger P08 - World War II weapon that can be enhanced to repair its weaknesses.
    • Silver Luger - 16 rounds pistol for Blair. It is ONLY usable in Zombie : The Mutation, Zombie : The Hero and Zombie Scenario (only if you have Origin Weapons License).
  • Dual Infinity - 30 rounds dual-wielded pistols that can be upgraded.
  • King Cobra - 7 rounds revolver with scope and does moderate damage.
  • Calico M950 - 50 rounds pistol.
  • Dual Desert Eagle - 28 rounds dual-wielded pistols that can be found in Zombie Mods.
  • FN FNP-45 - 15 rounds pistol.
  • Divine Lock - 20 rounds Flintlock.
  • Dart Pistol - 5 rounds Tranquillizer gun.
  • Daewoo USAS-12 - 20 rounds automatic shotgun that is very heavy.
  • Winchester M1887 - Lever-action shotgun that can knock away zombies.
  • Double-barreled shotgun - 2 rounds shotgun that can knock away zombies far far away.
    • Triple-barreled shotgun - Upgraded version of double-barreled shotgun, 3 rounds shotgun.
    • Quad-barreled shotgun - Kate's main weapon. in Zombie File, there is a cutscene which shows David Black save Soy with this gun at the end of Third Report chapter.
  • Kel-Tec KSG-12 - 15 rounds pump-action shotgun.
  • Franchi SPAS-12 - 8 rounds pump-action shotgun that can deal very high damage and can be upgraded.
  • UTAS UTS-15 - 15 rounds High rate of fire for a pump action shotgun.
  • PJ MK3A1 - 10 rounds automatic shotgun.
Submachine guns
  • HK MP7A1 - 20 rounds machine pistol that can change mode from carbine mode to sharpshooter mode.
  • MP7A1 60R - 60 rounds submachine gun. It shares the same performance as the original weapon but it lacks the original's sharpshooter mode and has a different reloading animation.
  • Dual MP7A1 - 80 rounds dual-wielded submachine gun that can be found in Zombie Mods.
  • Daewoo K1A - 30 rounds submachine gun that can work as an assault rifle.
  • TDI Kriss Super Vector - Upgraded version of UMP45 that can be attached with silencer.
    • Dual Kriss - Upgraded version TDI Kriss Super Vector, 50 rounds dual-wielded Submachine guns, but Cannot attach silencer.
  • Thompson Chicago - World War II submachine gun that does moderate damage.
  • Uzi - 32 rounds submachine gun.
Assault rifles
  • FN SCAR-L - Standard issue assault rifle for Counter-Terrorists.
  • FN SCAR-H - Limited edition based on SCAR-L except does higher damage.
  • M14 EBR - High damage but low fire rate, heavy weight and low ammo. (20)
  • M16A4 - 3-rounds burst fire only assault rifle exclusive for CTs.
  • HK XM8 Carbine - Standard issue assault rifle for Terrorists.
  • HK XM8 Sharpshooter - Ditto, limited edition version that can be changed to Sharpshooter mode.
  • IMI TAR-21 - Standard assault rifle that has the ability to knock zombies far far away.
  • AN-94 - 2-round burst fire only assault rifle exclusive for Terrorists.
  • FN F2000 - Limited edition assault rifle.
  • AK-47 60R - Limited edition assault rifle that can be found in Zombie Mods. It does very high damage to zombies and has no recoil.
  • AKM - An AK-47 alternate skin.
  • StG 44 - World War II assault rifle that can be enhanced to repair its weaknesses.
  • QBZ-95B - A 35 rounds China assault rifle which shares same performance as Galil.
  • M16A1 - An assault rifle that is the original version of M16A4.
  • HK G11 - 50 rounds assault rifle.
  • OICW - An assault rifle equipped with a grenade launcher.
  • Gilboa Carbine - 30 rounds assault rifle.
    • Gilboa Viper - This upgrade of Gilboa Carbine features 60 rounds of 5.56 NATO, manufactured in Israel, this assault rifle was made with double-row barrels boasting twice the firepower of the basic version.
  • OTs-14 Groza - 20 rounds assault rifle.
  • Beretta ARX-160 - 30 rounds scoped assault rifle.
  • Brick Peace V2 - A special assault rifle built from a special set of blocks to resemble the M4A1, fed with 40 rounds of bricks. It can be switched between automatic fire or explosive rocket fire mode.
Bolt action sniper rifles
  • Remington M24A2 - Has 99% base damage but it is as light as knife.
  • Sako TRG-42 - Alternate to AWP and a bit lighter.
  • CI M200 - Limited edition bolt-action snipe rifle that shares the same attribute with AWP except it is lighter.
  • Remington XM2010 ESR - AWP-like except it is the lightest but can hold 5 rounds only at a time.
  • M95 - Bulpup style bolt action sniper rifle that carried 5 rounds of 50. BMG
  • AW50 - Bolt action sniper rifle that carried 5 rounds of 50.BMG
  • R93 - Bolt action sniper rifle that's similar to Magnum sniper rifle but only can carried 5 rounds of 338. Lapua Magnum
  • Parker Hale M82 - This sniper rifle holds 10 of 7.62mm NATO rounds for each magazine. It possesses a constant high accuracy even in movement. The first stage of scope allows you to react quickly and effectively to adapt to any situations.
  • AWP-Z - Infected version of the AWP, Speed increase in Zombie Escape, Zombie Scenario and Human Scenario.
Automatic sniper rifles
  • VSK-94 - High rate of fire but low damage.
  • Dragunov SVD - High firepower but low rate of fire automatic sniper rifle.
    • SVD Custom - Andrey/Max Thacker's main weapon.
  • HK SL8 - High rate of fire automatic sniper rifle but does low damage.
    • SL8 Custom - Upgraded version of HK SL8.
  • Walther WA2000 - SVD-like but has higher rate of fire and extra 2 rounds per mag.
  • AI AS50 - A semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifle that carried 5 rounds of 50.BMG
  • PSG-1 - 5 rounds semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Machine guns
  • QBB-95 - 75 rounds machine gun that has short reload time and light weight.
    • QBB-95EX - Improved version of the QBB-95. It has 80 rounds and a 400 magazine capacity.
  • HK23E - A light machine gun that 100 rounds and inflicts low damage.
  • M60E4 - 100 rounds machine gun that has high firepower but heavy.
  • MG36 - 100 rounds machine gun that does moderate damage but it has high rate of fire and light in term of weight.Plus it has a 1.5 X 1 scope
  • Rheinmetall MG3 - 200 rounds machine gun that does moderate damage and high rate of fire but it is heavy.
  • Skull-7 - 120 rounds machine gun which can deal high damage especially to zombies
  • Izmash PKM - 150 rounds machine gun that does moderate damage but has high recoil
  • FN MK48 - 120 rounds machine gun that deals higher damage than Skull-7 and as light as HK23 but it has low rate of fire
  • Avalanche - 200 rounds fictional machine gun that does high damage for mode A but low rate of fire and low damage but high rate of fire for mode B
  • Balrog 7- Machine gun that fired 120 rounds of 7.62mm AHE that can be exploded after each 5 rounds
  • K3 - Standard issue 70 rounds machine gun and can be enhanced to repair its weaknesses. 150 round for After the Free Update, K3's performance was upgraded.
  • M2 Browning - 250 rounds portable heavy machine gun.
  • M134 Minigun - 200 rounds minigun that has a very high rate of fire. However, it is very heavy and has a 1.5 seconds attack delay.
    • M134 Predator - Upgraded version of the M134 Minigun, The secondary fire has the ability to roll as shoot stand by action. It is 3% lighter than the original weapon but it is less accurate by 4%.
  • M79 Sawed-off - Grenade launcher.
  • Crossbow - 50 rounds crossbow.
    • Advanced Crossbow - Upgraded version of crossbow.
  • Salamander - 100 nitrogen gas flamethrower.
  • Antidoter - Upgraded version of the salamander. It is loaded with 200 canisters of nitrogen gas and can only be found randomly from supply boxes in Zombie Mutant and Zombie Hero.
  • Milkor M32 MGL - 6-slot grenade launcher with a usable scope.
  • AT4 - A rocket launcher that can be used in Human Scenario and Metal Arena modes only.
    • AT4-CS - Upgraded version of the AT4 that can be used in all modes.
  • Ripper - A premium chainsaw that can be obtained from the Lunar New Year 2013 Event.
    • Slasher - A downgraded version of the Ripper that is sold in the shop.
  • Bazooka - A standard issue weapon in Bazooka Battle.
  • Black Dragon Cannon - A premium cannon that can obtained from the Lunar New Yer 2012 Event.
    • Eruptor - A downgradde version of the Dragon Cannon that is sold in the shop.
  • Tactical Knife - A throwing knife that serves as a backup secondary weapon.
    • Double Tactical Knife - Upgraded version of Tactical Knife.
    • Triple Tactical Knife - Upgraded version of Double Tactical Knife.
  • Gae Bolg - A spear gun that can shoot exploding harpoons.
  • Drill Gun - A modified drill to shoot a rotating drill bit.
  • Petrol Boomer - A petrol bomb launcher that can shoot petrol bombs.
  • RPG-7 - A rocket launcher and can be enhanced to repair its weaknesses.
  • Blood Dripper - A Flying Guillotine that can be obtained from the Lunar New Year 2015 Event.
SKULL Series
  • SKULL-1: A 7 rounds revolver that can be fired in full-auto mode.
  • SKULL-3: A 35 rounds submachine gun that can dual-wielded.
  • SKULL-4: A 48 rounds dual wielded assault rifle.
  • SKULL-5: A 24 rounds automatic sniper rifle that has a very quick reload time.
  • SKULL-6: A 100 rounds machine gun with sniper scope.
  • SKULL-7: A 120 rounds machine gun with optical scope.
  • SKULL-8: A 120 rounds machine gun with axe bayonet.
  • SKULL-9: A battle axe made from special alloy.
  • SKULL-11: A 28 rounds automatic shotgun equipped with alternate slug fire mode.
  • BALROG-I: A 10 rounds semi-automatic pistol equipped with an explosion alternate fire.
  • BALROG-III: A 30 rounds submachine gun that can be fired continuously without having to reload.
  • BALROG-V: A 30 rounds assault rifle that can do massive damage when fired on a single target.
  • BALROG-VII: A 120 rounds machine gun that can do an explosion shot for every 10 shots.
  • BALROG-IX: A pair of battle gauntlet that can do an explosion punch.
  • BALROG-XI: A 7 rounds automatic shotgun that can be fired in dragon breath mode.
JANUS Series
  • JANUS-1: A 5 rounds grenade launcher that can be fired with unlimited grenades.
  • JANUS-3: A 50 rounds submachine gun that has a quick JANUS Transformation System.
  • JANUS-5: A 30 rounds assault rifle that inflict massive damage when transformed into JANUS mode.
  • JANUS-7: A 200 rounds machine gun that can do lightning strikes when fired in JANUS form.
  • JANUS-9: A special mace/morning star that can deal massive damage when attacking continuously.
  • JANUS-11: A 15 rounds pump-action shotgun that can shoot lasers in JANUS form.
  • THANATOS-7 - A 120 rounds machine gun that can rotating blades with Thanatos Blade System.
  • THANATOS-9 - A Scythe that a can a flurry of stabs with Thanatos Blade System.
  • THANATOS-11 - A 15 rounds shotgun that can blades explode with Thanatos Blade System.
  • M24 Grenade - Can be thrown further than the normal HE Grenade.
  • Frag Grenade - Standard issue grenade in Frag War mode.
  • Firebomb - When exploded, it can burn zombies. Only usable in Zombie Mods.
  • Holy Grenade - A special grenade for Fernando. It do higher damage to zombies and has burning effects that does 100 to 200 seconds. It is ONLY usable in Zombie : The Mutation, Zombie : The Hero and Zombie Scenario (only if you have Weapons License).
Melee weapons
  • Hunting dagger - Use CZ animations, In Zombie File mode, the Battle Hunting Dagger is available to be picked up in order to fight against zombies. It also features a new view model and animations.
  • Balisong - High rate of fire for both primary and secondary attacks but does low damage.
  • Wedung - High damage but low swing rate.
  • Nata knife - Very high damage. It is ONLY usable in Zombie : The Mutation, Zombie : The Hero, Zombie: The Union and Zombie Scenario (only if you have Melee Weapons License).
  • Hammer - Sledgehammer that can knock away zombies. It is ONLY usable in Zombie : The Mutation, Zombie : The Hero, Zombie: The Union and Zombie Scenario (only if you have Melee Weapons License).
  • Combat knife - Excellent knife that is very reliable in knife battles
    • Master Combat knife - Ditto, but with longer attack range, higher damage, and has a serrated blade.
  • Skull-9 - An axe made from special alloys specifically built to slash zombies.
  • Tomahawk - A special axe used by Special Forces in the real world. It can knock zombies away in Zombie modes.
    • Shelter Axe - An alternate skin for the Tomahawk. It serves as the default melee weapon in Zombie Shelter and the player must use it to collect resources and attack enemies. It can be upgraded later on to other melee weapons via Craft Table.
  • Dual Nata Knives - An akimbo Nata Knife that poison a the target after attacking for continuous damage.
  • Green Dragon Glaive - A powerful glaive that deals tremendous damage.
  • Wakizashi - A Japanese short sword.
    • Dual Wakizashi - The Akimbo version, that can do double slashes.
  • Serpent Blade - A special sword available during Snake Year of Lunar New Year.
  • Beam Sword - A science fiction melee weapon inspired from the Light Saber in the Star Wars series.
  • Machete: A special melee weapon for Combatants in the New Zombie Shelter mode.
  • Crowbar: A special melee weapon for Survivors in the New Zombie Shelter mode.
  • Claw Hammer: A special melee weapon for Engineers in the New Zombie Shelter mode.
  • Snap Blade: An akimbo melee weapon inspired from the Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin series.
  • Dragon Knife: Same animation and function as the Seal knife, but does slightly higher damage than the Seal Knife and fast reload for AK-47 Dragon or M4A1 Dragon.
  • Joker's Staff: Joker's main weapon.
  • Dragon Claw - An akimbo melee weapons.
Science Fiction series
  • Blaster - 45 rounds fictional assault rifle.
  • Ethereal - 30 rounds fictional assault rifle.
  • Volcano - 40 rounds fictional shotgun.
    • Fire Vulcan - A downgradde version of the Volcano, that weapon can be obtained from craft.
  • Tempest - 30 rounds fictional submachine gun and is lighter than the knife.
  • Avalanche - 200 rounds fictional machine gun that does high damage for mode A but low rate of fire. Mode B has low damage but high rate of fire.
  • Thunderbolt - 20 rounds fictional bolt action sniper rifle.
    • Lightning Rail - A Thunderbolt alternate skin, that weapon can be obtained from craft.
  • Cyclone - 50 rounds fictional pistol.
  • Plasma Gun - 45 rounds fictional assault rifle.
  • Rail Cannon: A 24 rounds shotgun that can accumulate 3 rounds at a time for a laser burst shot.
  • Plasma Grenade: A special grenade that can be attached to any terrains when thrown.
Steampunk Series
  • Savery - A 7 rounds revolver sniper rifle.
  • Aeolus - A 150 rounds machine gun with flamethrower.
  • Papin - A pair of battle gauntlets equipped with steam-operating machines.
  • Newcomen - A 30 rounds submachine gun that can burst fire.
Maverick Series
  • SPAS-12 Maverick: A 20 rounds shotgun that can be reloaded quickly.
  • M1887 Maverick: A 6 rounds sawed-off shotgun that can fired while reloading.
  • Galil Maverick: A 45 rounds assault rifle that can be reloaded quickly.
  • M60E4 Maverick: A 200 rounds machine gun with high damage and can be zoomed via scope.
  • K1A Maverick: A 30 rounds submachine gun that can be fired in semi-automatic mode.
  • Crowbar Maverick: A modified crowbar that works as a taser.
World War II
  • Mosin-Nagant Scope - A 5 rounds Bolt action sniper, similar to shotguns, enabling it to be shot while reloading.
  • Mauser C96 - A 10 round pistol.
  • MG42 - 95 rounds machine gun.
  • MP40 - A 32 rounds submachine gun.
  • M1 Garand - 8 rounds semi-automatic rifle, but Cannot be reloaded until all bullets have been depleted.
  • M1918 BAR - 20 rounds heavy assault rifle.
  • Sten Mk2 - A 32 rounds submachine gun and is lighter than the knife.
  • M1911 A1 - A 8 rounds pistol.
Journey to the West

The performance of these weapons are boosted when the player equips all these weapons.

  • Zhu Bajie Minigun: A modified version of the M134 Minigun.
  • Sha Wujing Dual Handgun: A modified water pistol.
  • Ruyi Stick: A legendary stick used by Sun Wukong. Its length can be increased.
Wizard of Oz

The performance of these weapons are boosted when the player equips all these weapons.

  • Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun
  • Oz Lion Pistol
  • Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe
Lightning Series
  • Lightning AR-1
  • Lightning AR-2
  • Lightning SMG-1
  • Lightning Big Eye
  • Lightning SG-1
  • Lightning LZ-1
  • Lightning HZ-1
  • Lightning Dao-1
  • Lightning Bazzi-1
Firework series
  • FG-Launcher - Ditto, Alternate to Milkor M32 MGL.
  • Shooting Star - Limited edition based on M79 Saw off and Grenades can bounce.
Battle Weapons
  • Battle Hunting Dagger
  • Battle Glock 18C
  • Battle USP45
  • Battle MP5
  • Battle Galil
  • Battle FAMAS
  • Battle QBB-95


Counter-Strike Online 2Edit

Counter-Strike Online 2 is another free-to-play massively multiplayer online video game developed by Nexon of South Korea using the Source engine from Valve software. It's firstly introduced in late 2012 and has ended its Beta stage January 2013.

Counter-Strike Nexon: ZombiesEdit

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is the first adaptation of the infamous Counter-Strike Online to the USA via Steam, available from September 23, 2014,and officially relaunched on October 7, 2014.[1]

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