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The Counter-Strike Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Counter-Strike series. The primary mission of the Counter-Strike Wiki is to collect information and inform readers and players of past and newly released games, maps, weapons, factions, tips and tricks, achievements, and anything else related to the series.


The wiki was created on the 16th of June, 2005 by Yeungb.

From 2008 and onwards, the wiki evolved at a fast rate. Even today, the articles are constantly changed to keep up with updates and new pages are made.

Two adminstrators, StrikerBack and Saytun were active in the CS Wiki. On April 22, StrikerBack has retired while Saytun has yet to return.

On 2014, three users TheNeXusCore, Irv1n3, and Yong Feng have been promoted as admins on this wiki.

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