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This page documents an official Counter-Strike Wiki policy.
The guidelines on this page should be followed by all editors at all times.

The Counter-Strike Wiki permits the use of media to further enhance the reader's experience. To help ensure the stability, consistency and professionalism of the wiki, the media policy is a set of guidelines for uploading and using media.


Personal images

The Counter-Strike Wiki is not an image hosting website. If an image is unrelated to the Counter-Strike series or the actual wiki, it should not be uploaded here, including images for exclusive use on user pages.

If you insist on uploading personal images, you should use an image hosting website like Imgur.

Personal images uploaded to the Counter-Strike Wiki will be deleted without notice.

Image format

The preferred image format is .png, as it has no compression artifacts and supports transparency. Ideally, every image uploaded to the Counter-Strike Wiki should use the .png format.

Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, and Counter-Strike: Source screenshots should be converted to .png before being uploaded, instead of their native .bmp and .jpg formats.

Any other format (e.g., .gif) has little to no use on the wiki, and should not be used. The images should be retaken and saved as .png, or simply converted to .png prior to being uploaded.


Certain images should be transparent. As images are often used in templates and galleries, transparency adds a much greater level of professionalism. This specifically applies to icons, sprays, and similar images. In-game screenshots should not be made transparent.

If you do not know how to adjust an image's transparency or lack the software to do so, upload the image and another editor can assist by adding transparency and re-uploading it.


With the exception of certain in-game screenshots, every image should be cropped to show only the topic at hand.


The uploading or embedding of a video is strictly prohibited on the Counter-Strike Wiki.

If necessary, a link to the video can be added to the "External links" section of the article. In most cases, a video is not necessary and the editor can convey what the video displays using words.

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