Title Level designer

Daank is a pseudonymous level designer for Counter-Strike known for creating Storm.


Little is known about the background of Daank in level design and the designer is not known to have released any maps to the public before getting involved with Counter-Strike. Daank's first released map was Tombraid, though Storm would follow a few months later.[1]

Before Storm was made an official map, both of the designer's maps were included in a map pack released on June 15, 2001 by the level design website Counter-Map.[2] Daank never submitted these maps for official inclusion, but Jess Cliffe stumbled upon the map pack and apparently liked Storm enough that it was made an official map in Counter-Strike 1.3.[3] Since it was also part of the retail edition, Valve Software presumably also bought the rights to the map.

Daank's last known level designing activities occurred in 2002 when an updated and improved version of Storm was released separately.[4]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Storm Cs t Level designer 2001

Custom maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Tombraid (de) Cs t Level designer 2001


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