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Defusal kit
Alternate name(s) Kit
Price $200
$400 (CS:GO)
Usage Decreasing bomb defusal time

The defusal kit is a Counter-Terrorist exclusive equipment used to decrease the defuse time of bombs.


Defuse Kits were added in BETA 5.0 (the defusion scenario was added in BETA 4.0). It can only be purchased by Counter-Terrorists on bomb defusal maps. It halves the time required to defuse the bomb (five seconds instead of the usual ten). Unlike the Terrorist's C4, the Defusal Kit must be purchased, and does not have to be selected to be used. It is automatically used when defusing the bomb, and can be used an unlimited amount of times.

If a Counter-Terrorist dies and has a Defuse Kit, any other Counter-Terrorist without a Defuse Kit can pick it up.

It is often highly recommended to purchase a Kit as a Counter Terrorist to reduce the time it takes to defuse (this is especially helpful when "ninja" defusing) and to avoid being berated and insulted by your team in the event of a failed defuse. The defusal kit also help you gain some achievements in Source and Global Offensive. If you do not have sufficient money in the first round, kill some enemies and go back to get one, or simply scavenge one from fallen teammates. This also applies to CTs that are low on funds.

If sufficient money is available, CT bots will most likely buy defusal kits, so buying one yourself is not required, as you can pick up a kit from a slain teammate. However, this was removed in CS:GO.


  • Decreases bomb defusal time by 50%
  • Inexpensive (costs $200 or $400 in Competitive mode in Global Offensive)


  • Makes the owner a priority target to the Terrorists (however, if everybody on the team owns one, this disadvantage vanishes)
  • When obtaining a Defuse Kit, you cannot drop it for other CTs to use and you can only purchase one.


Counter-Strike: SourceEdit


Combat Ready css Combat Ready
Defuse a bomb with a kit when it would have failed without one.


  • The database file name for this equipment is defuser.
  • In Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive, the defusing method consisting of entering the code. However, the player still uses the Defusal Kit.
    • In a CS:GO trailer, a GSG-9 operative uses the defuse kit by cutting the wires instead of solving for the code.
    • In the beta, the defusal kit was randomly given to two Counter-Terrorists. This was later removed and all CT players can either receive it for free in Casual mode or can purchase it in competitive mode.
  • The Defusal kit is the standard equipment in Deleted Scenes. You will automatically use it when defusing a bomb.
  • Similar to the C4 bomb, the defusal kit is seen on a player at third-person (it is strapped on the waistline of the player), has a world model, and is exclusively available (for Counter-Terrorists) in bomb defusal maps. Unlike the C4 bomb, it is possible to see many defusal kits in the map during normal gameplay.
  • Because it's not always necessary to use the defusal kit to defuse the bomb, it's quite possible that you can forget to buy one. To counter this, the kit is included in the auto-buy section (only in defusal maps).
  • In the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Tour of Duty campaign, the allied bots on the CT team do not buy a defuse kit.
  • In CS:GO, the defusal code of the C4 is written on the bag of the kit.


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