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This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

Game(s) Game icon 730
Scenario Demolition
Terrorists Balkan
Counter-Terrorists GSG-9

Depot (de_depot) was a cut Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta map for the Demolition game mode.[1]


Depot was a demolition map removed from the game during the public beta prior to the retail release of Global Offensive. According to the in-game files, this map was set to feature GSG-9 and Balkans factions.

Despite the developers never releasing this map, stats and mission bonus conditions referring to this map still exists in game files.[2]

"GAMEUI_Stat_WinsMapDEDepot"		"DE Depot Map Wins"
"GAMEUI_Stat_RoundsMapDEDepot"		  "DE Depot Map Rounds"

"quest_bonus_de_depot"			"when the map is Depot"

Cut Achievements

Csgo award WIN MAP DE DEPOT Depot Despot
Win five matches on Depot
Eliminated when map was removed


  • Several of the assets were reused during development of Overpass.


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  2. in csgo_english.txt

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