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Desert beta10
The Desert Hit
Creator(s) Timm Stokke
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 1.1
Last appearance BETA 3.1

The Desert Hit, also named Desert Storm[1] (cs_desert), was an official Hostage Rescue map, created by Timm "Mr?" Stokke, that centered on the conflict between the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists, somewhere in a desolate battlefield with a desert environment.


Desert was apparently removed due to the large, open-spaced setting that allowed players to easily kill other enemies with sniper rifles and the multiple camping spots that made it hard for players to see potential snipers from a far distance. Due to this, it is rare to observe a CT successfully escorting the hostages to the hostage rescue zone.

Generally, the CTs can quickly move to the upper sections of the map and pin down the Terrorists. However, the Terrorists are also armed with a heavy machine gun that can prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the hostages. Regardless, the integrity of cs_desert is unbalanced for both teams.


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  • There was a major bug with this map where you could climb into the skymap and run around. This exploit can make players invisible.
  • The areas lit with fire can harm players.
  • This is one of the few maps in which opponents can throw grenades (or flashbangs) as an endless shower of explosions in the upper areas of the map.
  • Both spawn zones of the teams feature camping spots for snipers that overlook the combat zones.
  • Judging by the lack of recent activity in the map, it may have been an abandoned battlefield as there are charred spots from explosions, a destroyed tank, sandbags, a mounted machine gun (nearby the Terrorist spawn zone) and trench-like areas.
  • The entity data of the map includes the full name of the map which is The Desert Hit.
  • An updated version of the map was provided by the original author for the Counter-Strike Classical Map-Pack.



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