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Scenario Hostage Rescue

Downed (cs_downed_cz) is a relatively medium sized hostage rescue map in Condition Zero.


Sniper rifles are not commonly wielded in Downed due to the cramped outdoor sections of the map. Instead, powerful rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns are used by many players. Aggressive or camping players may use the M249 due to its sustained firepower and can easily eliminate groups of enemies in enclosed areas if they were caught by surprise. Ambushes are also feared, especially around the mines where the hostages are kept. To counter this, flashbangs and sometimes smoke grenades are implemented to flush out hiding enemy players. HE grenades are only used when users are certain that a hostage is not nearby the blast radius.

The Counter-Terrorists must exercise caution when escorting two of the hostages at the Terrorist Spawn Zone/computer room. If a player or a hostage has physical contact with the gated fence, it will emit noise and alert the Terrorists.

It is very rare for a CT to take the same path twice while escorting the hostages. Often times, players may rush through the main route from the CT Spawn Zone, the village, and the Terrorist Spawn Zone or through the airplane and the mines. Sometimes, this tactic is reversed depending on the preference of players.

Hot Spots


Although rushing through this area requires caution, speed is important as the enemy may do the same! To avoid being caught in the wrong place at the worst time, try to hold your position at the upper sections of the infrastructures and listen for enemy footsteps. A few snipers may be present as well so try to either flank them or avoid being spotted by them until it is certain that you can fight back on proper ground.

You can either rush through the lower areas (and hope that your enemies are at the upper floors) or you can maintain your position within the village and wait for assailants to reveal themselves. Often times, Terrorist bots rarely leave the wrecked building that is closest to their spawn zone so human Counter-Terrorists may have an easier time in predicting their movement.

If there is a stand-off between both sides in this area, the AUG A1 and the SG 552 can be beneficial to wield as they are fairly accurate at longer distances and yet, are still capable of engaging enemies at close range. Depending on the situation, CTs may pull back and find another route, while the Terrorists can move in to occupy the rescue zone. In some cases, the Ts may retreat to defend the mine while the CTs will breach in.

Ambushes can be present within the buildings so walk, not run, around the holes of the floor/roof as assailants can throw a grenade and eliminate careless players.


In here, be aware of ambushes within the wrecked airplane and try to minimize the amount of noise you make by walking. Stay alert for the presence of enemies especially when exiting out of the airplane. If you have been cornered by the opposing team, retreat back into the wreck as it can provide some cover.

Often times, the Counter-Terrorists may choose to take this path when escorting the hostages or to infiltrate Terrorist controlled positions. Sometimes, the Terrorist team may rush to the airplane and engage assailants. If they have been outnumbered, they can simply fall back into the mines in which the CTs rarely follow in pursuit.

It is possible for flashbangs and HE grenades to be thrown across the wreck although this can alert enemy squads.

Terrorist Spawn Zone/Mines

Combat is very intense nearly throughout the entire duration of a round as the hostages are located in these areas. Players must be careful in traversing around these sections of the map as no one can be too sure if a camper is hiding around a corner or even from behind.

Snipers will prefer to avoid staying in the enclosed areas for extended periods of time, unless they need to focus their attention on the hostages when team members are unable to. Instead, players armed with close-ranged weaponry, such as shotguns, should engage enemies within this section of Downed, attackers with shotgun and even sub-machineguns might get countered by players using assault rifles because the defenders have the element of surprise. Flashbangs and smoke grenades can be used for safer room clearing, or used by defenders to confuse the enemy, in the area that hostages is not present, HE grenades may be used by both sides. Often times, silencers are used to reduce the chance of alerting the enemy so keep your guard up for an silent ambush.

It is rare for one player to successfully fend off the opposing team within the Terrorist Spawn Zone so it is normally best to stay together with your team. The more allied players are with you, the better you will be able to withstand enemy attacks.

  • Main entrance from the village
  • Kitchen
  • Computer room
  • Bunkers

For infiltration purposes, the mines can contain some activity from both teams. Often times, the CTs may use this pathway to reach and/or escort the hostages. Meanwhile, the Terrorist team may decide to camp here if it is too hectic in the village or the hostage rooms. Due to this, a CT escorting the hostages may require additional backup when traversing through the mines.

Additional Photos

CT Spawn Zone/Hostage Rescue Zone