05:56 hours
Colombian Drug Lab
Bogotà, Colombia

Briefing on the way

SEALOfficer: Intelligence recently managed to locate the primary operations facility of one of the biggest Colombian drug czars. (Drug lords)

Officer: We're heading to their main production, packaging and shipping centers. The drug cartel has been tipped off that we're coming and are expecting us. Here's the bad news. Knowing that, they captured two political hostages.


Officer: Spider team will breach the compound, find and secure the packages, eliminate any opposition and destroy all drug production. Keep your eyes open on this one, gentlemen. These guys are not fooling around.

On the ground

SEAL Commander: Spider team, we're splitting up. You (Player) and Martin take the main entrance. Alex and I will go through the rough.

SEAL Operative: Cover me!

SEAL Radio: Keep an eye out for mines.

(If player shoots the Officer or enemy sniper kills officer)

CNC: Spider team, we have a man down! Repeat, man down!

(player meets up with another SEAL member, only to die being to step on a mine)

(Fighting ensues)

Meeting with the rest of Spider team

SEAL Commander: Bomb this equipment soldier!

(Player destroys power source)

SEAL Operative: Alright, no need for a quiet entrance.

(Operative sees a LAW Rocket in the window)

SEAL Commander: (Whispering) Hold it! There's a target in the window with a rocket. We need to find another way around. Find another way in, flush out that rocket position and we'll move in through the ground floors.

Under the house

Terrorist 1: Where is the Gringo?

Terrorist 2: I don't know, I don't know.

Terrorist 1: Keep looking.

Terrorist 3: I have a surprise for him, but he won't like it!

(Fighting with cartel members)

Fighting to get the Hostages

SEAL Operative: Cover me while I get this door open! One more door to unlock!

Terrorist 1: The camp is under attack!

Terrorist 2: Protect the drugs!

Terrorist 3: Kill them all!

SEAL Commander: Plant a radio bomb here soldier!

(Team kills all threats and hostages secured)

SEAL Commander: CNC, this is Spider team. We have the packages and are ready for evac.

CNC: Roger Spider team, dust-off is inbound.


DrugLab by Thearrel "Kiltron" McKinney, level designer from Ritual Entertainment

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