Dust II
Creator(s) David Johnston (original author)
Ritual Entertainment Csx t Cscz t
Turtle Rock Studios Csx t Cscz t
Valve Corporation Css t Game icon 730
Hidden Path Entertainment Game icon 730
Game(s) Cs t Csx t Cscz t Css t Game icon 730
Scenario Bomb defusal
Map Group Dust II
Terrorists Elite Crew
Phoenix Connexion Csgo
Balkan Csgo
Counter-Terrorists SEAL Team 6 Csx tCsgo
IDF Game icon 730
First appearance Counter-Strike 1.1
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dust II, also known as Dust2 (de_dust2) is a Bomb Defusal map featured in the Counter-Strike series. It is the successor to the original Dust and one of the most popular maps.

Dust II is arguably the most popular and played Counter-Strike map and perhaps the iconic map of the franchise.


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The map appears to be set in the Middle East, similar to its predecessor Dust. Earlier version of the map lack many identifying features, with the only identifying features being what looks like sandstone textures for walls and sand for floor.

Later games added more visually identifiable features to show the map's setting. In Global Offensive, the map is detailed with signs of bombing and Humvees decorated around the map, giving it a feel of a contemporary and unstable Middle Eastern region with terrorist and military presence.

The map can be loosely divided into three interconnected lanes: Tunnels connecting T Spawn to bombsite B, mid connecting T Spawn to CT Spawn and catwalk, and Long connecting T Spawn to bombsite A. Pathways branch out from these lanes and form an interconnected map allowing for tactical player movements.

CT Spawn

Counter-Terrorists spawn in a roofed section underneath the catwalk. From here, they can either go directly to bombsite A to defend Terrorists coming from catwalk and long, or pass through the mid doors to defend bombsite B from Terrorists coming from Tunnels.

T Spawn

Terrorists spawn at the top of mid. They can either go to the tunnels to attack B, go through the Long A doors to attack A from Long, go down mid either by going through Tunnels, going down the upper section of the mid path (known as Suicide due to being directly exposed to CT fire from beyond the mid doors), or avoid suicide and take a less risky path by to the area just before entering the long doors and enter mid on the catwalk side.

The area itself is a long slope that is flat at the top.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A is connected to T Spawn, Long, and Catwalk. It is a two-layered area with a few boxes for cover at the center on the bombsite.

Bombsite B

Bombsite B is connected to Tunnels and CT Mid. It connects to CT Mid via a double door and an elevated hole known as Window. Many boxes are present in the area, providing the defending CT with lots of cover and hiding places to defend against the attacking Ts.


The tunnels connect to Bombsite B, T Spawn, and mid. This section is fully roofed-off, preventing grenades from entering or exiting the area. It is divided into two levels connected by a 90 degree spiral staircase, known as Upper B and Lower B. Lower B is connected to mid, while Upper B is connected to bombsite B. A few boxes are placed in the area for some cover.

Tunnels connects to the bombsite B via a single tunnel that completely lacks cover. Terrorists will need to take care when attacking B via this route as Counter-Terrorists have multiple hiding spots beyond the tunnels and can guard the tunnels from safe positions.


Mid is a long path going down the middle of the map, connecting to many major points on the map. The path is divided into two lanes. One is a sloped one, connecting Suicide and T Spawn at the top to the CT Spawn area at the bottom via a large gate known as Mid Doors, as well as connecting to the Lower Tunnels (Lower B).

The other is a flat lane connecting Outside Long to catwalk. Due to catwalk's elevation, it is possible to directly see into Lower Tunnels from this lane when standing near catwalk.

CT players need to traverse through the Mid Door to enter bombsite B, creating a risk as Terrorists have easy sight on the passing CT due to their elevated spawn area and direct sight line down mid.


Catwalk is a small 90-degree turn located at the end of the flat path down mid. The path connects directly to the upper area of the bombsite A (known a Short A, in contrast to Long A) after an ascending staircase.


Long is a long and wide road giving the Terrorists a direct path to bombsite A. At the Terrorists' side, they have two double doors that they must traverse through to enter Long. After entering Long, a large blue trash container provides useful cover.

Official description

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing chemical weapon crates. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.

Terrorists: The Terrorists carrying the C4 must destroy one of the chemical weapon stashes.

Other Notes: There are 2 chemical weapon stashes in the mission.



While David Johnston's Cobble was considered by some as a spiritual successor to the original Dust, he wanted to create a true "sequel". During alpha and beta stages, the map was titled Dust 3 "on the basis that the third installment of any movie trilogy is typically never as good as the first one". Before launch, however, Jess Cliffe advised DaveJ to change the map's name to a far more sensible Dust 2.[1]

Counter-Strike 1.1 Patch

It was included as an official map with the Counter-Strike 1.1 patch.

Counter-Strike (Xbox)

Dust II is featured in Counter-Strike Xbox and reuses the textures from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. The official factions for this map are SEAL Team 6 in desert uniforms and the Elite Crew in jungle uniforms.

Counter-Strike: Source

Like other maps, Dust2 received a graphical update and is very similar to Dust.

Some changes includes adding an additional set of doors at the side and making the large crate in the middle more easy to jump on at ground level.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Textural improvements are noticeable, such as making the floor textures into concrete.

Originally, the 'Goose' sign was removed in Global Offensive but was later put back in after an update.

In an update, the wooden doors were replaced with metal ones, that are much harder to penetrate.

The official factions for this map are the IDF and the Elite Crew.

Map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta had simplified edition called 'De_dust2_se' with disabled ambient sounds, less fog and less props for max visibility,but later removed. Map is available to download from Workshop page.


  • In the October 13, 2016 update, references to high resolution (prefixed with hr_*) models with folder called "de_dust" in game files were included.[2]
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/bush_sumac_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/olive_tree_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/olive_tree_small_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/palm_tree_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/palm_tree_small_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/plant_small_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/sage_bush_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/weed_grass_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/foliage/weed_plant_01.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/dust_railings/dust_railing_a_16.mdl
 forcetextureshadow props/de_dust/hr_dust/dust_windows/dust_window_bars_36x64_02.mdl
  • On the March 17, 2017 update, references to reworked map's props were added to spcombinerules.txt. First references to Kasbah were found in this update.
  • On the May 23, 2017 update, props references in spcombinerules.txt were updated. The update additionally includes Felix Riley's audio clips, suggesting that Dust II was originally planned to be featured in the Hydra Campaign.[3].


Dust2 Map Veteran css Dust2 Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on the DE_Dust2 map.

Global Expertise
Dust2 Map Veteran csgo Dust2 Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on Dust2.


  • In Counter-Strike, the graffiti with the tag, Goose, can be found at bombsite A. This is a reference to Minh Le "Gooseman", the co-creator of Counter-Strike.
    • In Counter-Strike 1.6, there are two hidden messages in the map. In the Counter-Terrorist Spawn Zone, there is a note from Dave Johnston who thanks everyone in the making of Dust2. Elsewhere, there is another message that dedicates this map for Justin DeJong.
    • In Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive, there is a text on the wall in Bombsite B in Farsi which says "فریمن اینجا بود". It means "Freeman was here" as a reference to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of the Half-Life series.
  • Dust2 is the most popular map in the Counter-Strike series and can be considered the most popular and iconic bomb defusal map ever created. It is chosen by many Counter-Strike tournaments as well.
  • In Global Offensive, the boxes in both bomb sites are adorned with the arabic text, "الفواكه" (al-fawakih), which means fruit.
    • There is also "سي اس سوس", pronounced as "Si As Sos", similar to the pronunciation of "CS: Source".
  • The burning car wreck in the Terrorist Spawn Zone and A Long in Global Offensive does not inflict any damage, even if a player is within contact of the fire.
  • In the Global Offensive version, a graffiti located top of mid showing a T with 4 AWPs was added after an incident in ESL One Cologne Grand Finals where the team Fnatic playing T side bought 4 AWPs and simultaneously peeked the CT sniper looking down mid.[4]

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