Gsg9 tod
Cost 2
Primary weapon Scouthud cz
Secondary weapon Fivesevenhud cz
Skill Ok
Co-op Bad
Bravery Bad

Eddie is the only tough difficulty Counter-Terrorist sniper bot in the Tour of Duty game mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Eddie can be hired as a teammate in all difficulties, like most of the other Counter-Terrorists operatives.


Eddie's skill type is tough which means he is 60% accurate when firing. His reaction time is 0.3 seconds and compared to the other tough difficulty bots, he is not as sensitive to footsteps. He does not fire his weapon for 0.35 seconds.

He is a good choice for open spaced maps on lower difficulties when he encounters a lone Terrorist due to his low skill and the fact he only wields the Scout. He will struggle to fight enemies at medium ranges or when the enemy force is in a group. Due to these setbacks, Eddie is best used in defending some important areas like bombsites.


Eddie buys a Schmidt Scout for a primary weapon and buys a Five-seveN for a secondary weapon. If he cannot afford these, he will only buy a TMP. He does not buy or pick up other weapons.


Eddie has bad teamwork. He will never follow the player's commands except in the first round. He also likes to stay alone.


Eddie is a very passive bot. He will retreat after spotting some enemies. In bomb defusal maps, he prefers to camp at a bombsite.

Voice Pitch

Eddie's voice pitch is 115 which means he has a high pitch.


  • Due to his name being spelled Eddit in the CareerGame(Difficulty).vdf file and as Eddie in BotCampaignProfile.db (in the path 'Installation Folder\czero'), he is rendered unusable.

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