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Leet closeup
Elite Crew
Team Terrorists
Origin Middle East

"We must drive them from our lands!"
―Elite Crew[src]

The Elite Crew, sometimes referred to as the 1337 Krew, is a Terrorist faction featured in the Counter-Strike series.


Middle-Eastern fundamentalists based on world domination and other evil deeds.


Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroEdit

Several bots in the Tour of Duty game mode are members of the Elite Crew. They are:

Condition Zero: Deleted ScenesEdit


During Recoil, Elite Crew in Northern Africa are seen engaging Counter-Terrorists. They seem to have access to many equipment such as Scud launchers and RPGs.


In the mission Alamo, A group of Elite Crew terrorists overran the U.S. Embassy in Yipti and took multiple hostages.

Pipe DreamEdit

Elite Crew terrorists in Bukhoro, Turkmenistan took over a major oil pipeline and several hostages, giving the mission its name, Pipe Dream.


Throughout the mission Sandstorm, several Elite Crew members took over the Bagbah Chemical Plant along with all of the dangerous weapons inside. They were planning to release it on an unsuspecting group of citizens.

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

The Elite Crew was the first Terrorist model made playable in the Beta. They now wear a larger variety of outfits including beige shirts, brick red shirts, and blue jeans. They also wear a variety of Middle Eastern headwear and sunglasses. Their hand model features tan bare arms with black leather fingerless gloves.

They appear in three mapsDust, Dust II, and Mirage. In the first two maps, they fight the IDF while in Mirage, they engage the SAS.

Operation BreakoutEdit

They appear in Overgrown and fight against the SAS.


"Move my brothers!"
―Round start

"So that we may be free!"
―Round start

"We will make them cry!"
―Round Start

"That is the plan."
―Affirmative/Roger that

"We will live long lives!"

"I need more men!"
―Need backup


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