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The Enfu Sticker Capsule

The Enfu Sticker Capsule is a special edition sticker capsule comprised of stickers created by the community artist, ENFU. The sticker capsule does not drop, and can only be bought via the in-game store, purchased through the steam market, or traded from another player.


  • Chabo
  • Bombsquad
  • Skulltorgeist
  • The Guru
  • Silent Ninja
  • The Samurai
  • Skull Troop
  • Salute!
  • The Spartan
  • Unicorn
  • Skull Lil Boney
  • The Zombie
  • Unicorn (Holo)
  • Bombsquad (Foil)
  • Silent Ninja (Foil)

Update History

April 28, 2015

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