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Enter Kriegeld is the second comic in Operation Wildfire's Gemini campaign. It is unlocked after the player completes the first Co-op Strike mission in the campaign, The Extraction.


Leader of Kreigeld industries Franz Kreigeld enters a Phoenix base while talking on his phone, answering the concerns of a hired terrorist named Elliot. Kreigeld approaches Phoenix member Valeria Jenner and her bodyguard Naomi, whom he was supposed to meet. Naomi tells Kreigeld to shut off his phone, to which Kreigeld reacts with an insult, but complies regardless. Kreigeld sits down and talks with Valeria about a recent Coalition Taskforce attack on a phoenix facility that rescued hostage Alex Kincaide. Kreigeld then hands Valeria a file containing evidence of a traitor, Imogen, who is helping with the Coalition Taskforce from inside Phoenix. Valeria thinks for a moment, then makes it clear that Imogen, daughter of Booth, needs to be eliminated.



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