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Cs estate
Creator(s) David Marsh
Game(s) Cs t
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 6.5
Last appearance Counter-Strike 1.6

Estate (cs_estate) is a Hostage rescue map featured in Counter-Strike.

Due to numerous camping spots, enclosed hallways and rooms, and dark areas, it is one of the less popular Hostage rescue maps.

Official description

Counter-Terrorists: Rescue the three hostages being held captive in the mansion.

Terrorists: Prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the hostages.


  • Estate is a remake of Mansion from Beta 1.
  • There are only three hostages, one in each floor of the house.
  • Like its predecessor, Mansion, the lights in the first and second floor can be switched off. One can be switched off with the circuit box outside the building. The other switch is found in the basement by the stairs.
    • Because of this, this is one of the few maps when the nightvision goggles may come in handy.
  • There is a usable doorbell at the entrance of the mansion, which can be used to distract enemies.
  • There is a secret room located near the basement. The only way to access it is to use free look spectate mode or noclip.
  • Next to the hostage of the ground floor, there is a red book on the table that reads "Terrs (Terrorists) are from MARS". Meanwhile, at the chair, a blue book displays "CT's are from VENUS". This may be a reference to the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
  • There is a movable table at the main door. It can be placed at the door to block the entrance, though it can be broken and does not respawn for the next round.
  • Currently, six unofficial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remakes can be found on the Steam Workshop:

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