This article or section refers to legacy content that was inherited from previous game and/or engine releases and were not meant for use in the current game and/or engine but may show up in the in-game files.

Exploding barrel csgo
Exploding Barrel
Entity name func_breakable Cs tCscz tCsczds tCsx t
func_breakable_model Csczds t
oildrum001_explosive.mdl Css t
prop_exploding_barrel Game icon 730

Exploding barrel. BOOM!
―Entity description from CS GO's Hammer Editor.

The Exploding Barrel, Explosive Barrel or Oil Drum is a volatile prop that can be destroyed to deal damage to nearby enemies if not serving as a mere prop.

Explosive barrels in GoldSrc games except Condition Zero appear as unlabeled, grey steel barrels. Explosive barrels in Condition Zero appear as red barrels with a yellow flammable sign. In Source, the barrels found in the engine are identical to the ones in Half-Life 2. In Global Offensive, the barrels are similar to the Half-Life 2 version, but are much cleaner and have a smaller flammable sign.


All the GoldSrc games (notably Counter-Strike Beta, Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike (Xbox)) can have explosive barrels or brushes in them thanks to the engine's library. Even so, exploding barrels appeared only once in the Counter-Strike Beta, although available in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike (Xbox), they are never used in any official maps for balance reasons. They can be placed in custom maps, with the amount of damage they can take before detonating or the damage they deal being entirely modifiable.

Both Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes feature them with actual models. However the explosive barrels that appear in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero are merely static props that only explode upon C4 detonation in bombsites. Being a GoldSrc game, Condition Zero also inherits the func_breakable brush, though it is never used.

The func_breakable is used with consistent values throughout the missions in the Deleted Scenes. Unlike the previous barrels, those that appear can be detonated simply with physics impact (tossing a grenade at them). Barrels are often used as a mean to destroy an obstacle or enemy position or serve as an obstacle itself.

Although not appearing in any official Counter-Strike: Source maps, having its engine being the closest to Half-Life 2's, Counter-Strike: Source inherits most of its static and physics props including the explosive oil drum. They can either be placed by map makers or by the use of cheats. Under normal circumstances, the barrel immediately explodes upon receiving damage (due to weapons in Counter-Strike: Source dealing far more damage than those in Half-Life 2), it can however be ignited with a HE grenade's splash damage and will detonate within 4 seconds of ignition.

The Exploding Barrel finally made a second canonical appearance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and was introduced on February 17, 2016 update as part of Operation Wildfire for the three Co-op Strike missions, all occurring in the Phoenix Compound. The barrels can either be detonated with either bullet impacts or explosions. Knife hits or physics impact cannot cause the barrel to detonate. Unlike in Counter-Strike: Source the barrels are static, thus cannot be moved or affected by physics.

Data & LocationsEdit

Counter-Strike Beta
Map Number Location "Health" Armorless - Kevlar - Heavy Armor Damage
Arabstreets 5 Plant [5] 130 60 - 30 - N/A

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Map Number Location "Health" Armorless - Kevlar - Heavy Armor Damage
Dust 6 Bombsite A [3], Bombsite B [3] N/A
Dust2 9 Bombsite A [6], Bombsite B [3] N/A
Barrels in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero are props and do not explode with player interaction, only upon site detonation.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes
Map Number Location "Health" Armorless - Kevlar - Heavy Armor Damage
Lost Cause 24 Compound (Inner [18], Outter [6]) 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Secret War 24 Storage Area [23], Corridors 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Building Recon 6 Storage Area, MG Position, Residencial Area, Bridge, Statue [2] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
DrugLab 9 Fence, Tunnel Exit [3], Outside [3], Machines, AK-47 Position 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Motorcade Assault 5 VIP Safehouse [5] N/A (Can only be blown with a HE grenade)
Downed Pilot 12 Airplane, Mines [8], Village, Prison [2] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Turn of the Crank 11 Warehouse [11] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Alamo 10 MG Position [2], Courtyard [6], Inside [2] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Hankagai 4 Backalley [4] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Run! 7 Rooftops [4], Warehouse [3] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Truth in Chaos 1 Garage 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Pipe Dream 29 Facility Entrance [4], Facility [25] 50
110 - 110 - N/A
Sandstorm 4 MG Position [4] 50
110 - 110 - N/A

Counter-Strike: Source
Map Number Location "Health" Armorless - Kevlar - Heavy Armor Damage
N/A 0 N/A 20
100 - 75 - N/A

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Map Number Location "Health" Armorless - Kevlar - Heavy Armor Damage
Phoenix Compound 12 Garage, Courtyard [5], Pipe [2], Dock [4] 1
5000~4000 - 4000~3700 - 900~700
Barrels deal massively reduced damage when detonated by either a HE grenade or Decoy grenade explosion, damage multiplier for these cases is in-between 0.1 and 0.8.


  • Exploding Barrels in the Phoenix Compound should be saved for either large group of enemies or any Heavy Phoenix that can be baited towards it. Make sure the latter are close as the Heavy Armor still provides massive damage reduction. Game icon 730
  • If the player detonates a barrel, it will not hurt a friendly near it, use this to your advantage. Game icon 730

Bugs & ExploitsEdit

  • GoldSrc multiplayer games do not register barrel deaths as deaths at all. If a player detonates and kills another player with it, they will not receive an additional kill. Neither will players killing themselves with the barrel explosion have a kill deducted from their total.BetaCs tCsx tCscz t
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's barrel damage can be massively reduced if the cause of its detonation is either a HE grenade explosion or a Decoy grenade's. Game icon 730
    • Barrel damage does not stack together, if a player is near a series of exploding barrels, they will only take damage from the nearest. Game icon 730
  • Even with Friendly fire turned off, barrels in Counter-Strike: Source will still damage or kill teammates. Kills will be counted as team kills. Css t
  • Counter-Strike: Source barrels despite also having giblet models inherited from Half-Life 2, does not spawn them upon destruction. Css t


  • Explosive barrels or traps have appeared in almost every Valve franchise, Portal being the only exception.
  • Explosive barrels are also a recurring object in video games, making it one of the most cliche elements to be included.

Behind the scenesEdit