Bomb primer
Explosive Charge
Alternate name(s) Bomb
Usage Destroying objective
Used by Terrorists (Midwest Militia & Akunin)
Entity name item_generic
Not to be confused with the C4.

The Explosive Charge or Bomb as commonly referred to is an explosive device used by the Terrorists in the Deleted Scenes.

Overview & Gameplay

  • The device acts like the C4 or Nuclear Weapon plot-wise, being planted by Terrorists to destroy a certain objective while the Counter-Terrorists (specifically the player) have to defuse them.
  • The Explosive Charge has a green light or no lights when unarmed. It changes to red when armed and starts to beep, taking about 25 seconds to detonate.
  • The device can be defused by approaching it, facing it and pressing/holding down the USE key (E by default). It takes up to 5 seconds to do so.
  • Defusing these devices are mission critical and is required to progress. They are only found in Bomb defuse zones.


Two variants of the device appear. The first is a simple plastic explosive with the primer strapped horizontally and vertically with black textile straps. The second variant is a black bag containing a huge batch of dynamites wired to the primer and timer.

The devices only make two appearances in the Deleted Scenes:

  • It is used by the Midwest Militia to detonate the computer room in Rise Hard. The explosive plastic variants are placed on either side of the room and get armed for every 3 enemies killed. They are defused by the SAS operative.
  • The devices are also used by the Akunin to destroy the train in Fastline. 4 plastic explosives and one bag are wired together. The terrorist handling them is killed the Kidotai operative and detonate causing some serious damage. One more bag is later found in a stationary train in the subway station and two plastic explosives are located on the pillars by the end of the mission. These last three are defused by the player.


  • The timers on the explosive devices are static images as the timers display completely inaccurate times that never change.

Behind the Scenes

An unused closed bag version of the bag of explosives variant is found in the game files but never used in any of the missions.