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Team Counter-Terrorist
Origin Usa flag USA

"Break time's over ladies, let's go!"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, abbreviated as FBI, is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The unit is based off the real life Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) or FBI SWAT.

Official descriptionEdit

In addition to responding to terrorist attacks, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responds to bank robbery, espionage and cyber-warfare.

The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 and is trained to rescue allies held by hostile force. Their motto is 'Servare Vitas' (To Save Lives).

In-game AppearancesEdit

The FBI HRT was added to the Beta in the August 10th 2012 update. Their hand model features light green sleeves with black gloves. The unit wears a green uniform with Kevlar vests and tactical helmets. Just like their real-life appearance, they look well prepared for assault and infiltration.

The FBI makes an appearance on three hostage rescue maps: Office, Assault, and Militia. They fight the Anarchists on Office, and the Phoenix Connexion on Assault and Militia.

The FBI operators in the game are voiced by Chris Fries.

Operation PaybackEdit

The FBI appears and engages the Professionals in Downtown and the Anarchists in Museum.

Operation BravoEdit

This Counter-Terrorism team arrived in Agency and their enemies are the Professionals once more.

The FBI replaced the SAS in Seaside as the Counter-Terrorists. Their enemies are the Pirates.


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  • In a CS:GO trailer, an FBI operative can seen on the map Vertigo, despite the fact that the FBI do not offically appear in this map.

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