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This page lists all the radio commands used by the FBI.

Decoy outEdit

"Decoy's out!"
"Deploying decoy!"

Throwing FlashbangEdit

"Flashbang out!"
"Throwing flashbang!"

Fire in the holeEdit

"Fire in the hole!"
"Grenade out!"

Incendiary outEdit

"Incendiary out!"
"Throwing fire!"
"Throwing incendiary!"

Smoke outEdit

"Throwing smoke!"
"Covering with smoke!"


"Go go go!"
"Let's go!"
"C'mon, let's go!"

Fall backEdit

"Fall back!"
"Everyone back!"
"Back, back, back!"
"Get back! Get back!"

Stick togetherEdit

"Let's stick together."
"Pull yourselves together."
"Stay tight."

Hold this positionEdit

"Hold this position."
"Cover this area."
"Stay here."

Follow meEdit

"Follow me."
"Let's go, follow me."
"I'll take point."
"Stick with me."

Affirmative / Roger thatEdit

"Roger that."
"That's a big 10-4."


"That's a negative."
"Yeah, that's a negative."
"Yeah, that's a big negative."

Cheer / ComplimentEdit

"Okay, okay!"
"That is it!"
"We got it!"
"Hoho, yes!"


"Yeah, thanks a lot."
"Thanks a lot."

Enemy spottedEdit

"We have an active shooter."
"Target spotted."
"I have eyes on target."
"I can see one."

Need backupEdit

"Need backup!"
"Need support!"

You take the pointEdit

"Lead the way."
"I'm with you."
"You lead."
"Lead the way."

Sector clearEdit

"We're clear."
"All clear."

In positionEdit

"I'm in position."


"I'm blind!"
"Can't see!"
"Ahhh... flash bang!"


"I've got your back."
"I've got you."
"I'll cover you."
"I got you."

Friendly FireEdit

"Check that weapon!"
"Hey, watch where you point that thing!"
"Hey! Hey! Whatcha doin?"
"Hey! Hey! Hey!"
"Whoa!  Hey! Whatcha doin?"
"Hold your fire!"
"Come on, seriously?"

Round Start Edit

“Go! Go! Go!”

“Let's not lose a hostage

“Cowboy up and let's go!”

“Break time's over ladies! Let's go!” "Its time to earn our stories"

"Let's go get em' boys"

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