W foc
Fiber-optic camera
Alternate name(s) FOC
Usage Viewing an area beyond a barrier
The Fiber optic camera is a piece of equipment available in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes, used to view an area beyond a barrier without being seen by enemy forces.


It can only be used in fiber optic camera zones. Most of the time, it shares the same area with the stealth zone, thus allowing the player to monitor a specific area without the risk of being spotted by enemies.


  • Once you reach a fiber optic camera zone, the fiber optic camera zone icon will appear. Select your fiber optic camera, then press your primary fire (MOUSE 1 by default) to view the area without being noticed by the enemy. You can press the primary fire again to stop viewing the area.
  • While viewing with the camera you can press your secondary fire (MOUSE 2 by default) to zoom in. Press your secondary fire again to zoom out.


  • In the Counter-Terrorist Training Center, it is used to demonstrate how the device works and eventually, to bypass an enemy.
  • In the mission Lost Cause, it used to locate the German hostages.
  • In the mission Building Recon, it used to see a area of terrorist without being spotted, allowing the player having chance to enter a area without being spotted.
  • In the mission Miami Heat, it used to locate see the terrorist who is guarding the hallway so the player will have to wait until a chance are given to run to point to another point.


  • The database file name for this weapon is focamera.
  • The room that Fiber optic camera surveys sometimes does not exist on the map, such as crew quarters in Building Recon.
  • On the upper right of this equipment model, the words "Ritual Entertainment" can be seen.
    • The screen appears to have the Windows 98 theme
  • If one is to somehow utilize this device to take a look on himself in-game, the player model cannot be seen. This is either because the player model is invisible at all times (even in third-person view) or the developers never bothered to create a proper model as it was never meant to be seen.


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