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Foc zone
Fiber-optic camera zone
Game(s) Csczds t
Used for Scouting
The fiber-optic camera zone is a zone in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes where the player can use his Fiber optic camera. When reached, a luminescent icon representing the device will appear. If not weld, it will glow red. If weld, it will glow green.


The device is often used during infiltration missions, mostly to scout in hostile areas and find a way to progress without being spotted. At some points, it is used to locate important mission objectives, such as hostages. Most of the Fiber optic camera zones share the same areas with the Stealth zone.


The Fiber optic camera zone is a place where players can use the fiber optic camera, usually for scouting. There are 3 missions involving the the usage of the Fiber optic camera:

The training mission also provides you the opportunity to practice using the Fiber Optics Camera.

Furthermore, after your position is revealed, all Fiber Optic camera zones will disappear.

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