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W Emergency flare
Alternate name(s) Fuse
Usage Signaling & providing light

The flare is a piece of equipment cut from Counter-Strike. The only hint of its possible appearance are two HUD icons and a kill icon representing it.


  • Similarly to its real life counterpart, it was probably meant to be used for signaling or providing light in an area.
    • It could have potentially functioned similar to the decoy grenade, showing up as a blip on the radar.
  • The presence of a kill icon indicates that the flare would damage anyone that passes near it or on it.


Main article: Flare/Gallery


  • It is unknown what faction was to use this device although it could have been likely that both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists could purchase the Flare.
  • The flare was also cut from Half-Life, although it was used in the Half-Life 2 games.

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