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Gign closeup
Team Counter-Terrorists
Origin France flag France

The French GIGN (Groupe D'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale: "National Gendarmerie Intervention Group") is a counter-terrorist faction featured in the Counter-Strike series.


France's elite Counter-Terrorist unit, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident. Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops.


In Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source, some players avoid using it because of the distinctive yellow visor that can provide easier headshots for the enemies as a player can easily differentiate the head from the body, especially in CS:S.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they retained their classic look. Their hand model features royal blue sleeves with black and dark grey gloves.

Deleted Scenes UniformEdit

Although the Deleted Scenes game files indicate that the GIGN was to be spotted wearing several variations of their uniform, only the classic one is seen in-game.


  • Standard: Dark blue fatigues and dark blue Kevlar Assault Suit.
  • Jungle: Blue camo fatigues.
  • Unseen: Red fatigues


  • Operative: Dark green helmet
  • Unseen distorted model: Desert camo beret with balaclava
  • Unseen fixed model: Dark Green helmet
  • Officer: Red beret with GIGN Patch and sporting scars and beard


Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroEdit

The bots in the Tour of Duty mode that use this player model are:

Cost 1Edit

Cost 2Edit

Cost 3Edit

Cost 4Edit

Cost 5Edit

Condition Zero: Deleted ScenesEdit

They only appear in one mission:

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

They appear on six official maps:

Operation BravoEdit

They appear on one map:

Operation PhoenixEdit

They appear on one map:

Operation VanguardEdit

They appear on one map:


"Allons-y ! (Let's go!)"
―Round start

"Suivez-moi !"
―Follow me!

"J'ai besoin d'aide ! (I need help)"
―Need backup


Main article: GIGN/Gallery


  • The game file name for this player model is "gign".
  • This faction only appears once in the Deleted Scenes mission Motorcade Assault, the least of any faction.
    • They also have the least number of seen operatives in a faction, only 4.
  • From Counter-Strike 1.6, the head structure of the GIGN models have changed from a simple ski mask to a helmet with a yellow visor in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and later released games. Interestingly, in Condition Zero and Deleted Scenes, the visor is flipped up while in Source and for some players models in Global Offensive, the visor is deployed and covers up the eyes.
  • The GIGN (as well as the GSG-9) have made appearances on all promotional pictures for every Counter-Strike game.
  • They were the second model made playable in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta.

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