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This page lists all the quotes said by GIGN in CS:GO.

Radio Commands Edit

Main article: Radio

Radio commands can be used by pressing the appropriate radio key.

Note that some commands are hidden, but can be enabled with modifications or console commands.

Decoy outEdit

"Decoy's out!"
"Deploying decoy!"

Throwing FlashbangEdit

"Throwing flashbang!"
"Deploying Flashbang!"

Fire in the holeEdit

"Fire in the hole!"
"Grenade out!"
"Throwing Grenade!"

Incendiary outEdit

"Incendiary out!"

Smoke outEdit

"Throwing smoke!"
"Laying down smoke!"

Cover Me Edit

Cover Me!
"Hold up, cover me!"

You Take The Point Edit

"Lead the way."
"I'm with you."
"You lead."

Hold This Position Edit

"Clear the area"

Regroup Edit

"Stay together"

Follow Me Edit

"Follow me !"
"Stick up on me !"
"Suivez moi !" (Follow me !)

Taking Fire, Need Assistance Edit

"I'm in trouble"
"Need assistance"

Go Edit

"Allons-y !" (Let's go)
"Allez, allez" (Go, go)
"Go, go, go !"
"Let's go"
"Let's go, people !"
"Let's go, let's go !"
"Move it, move it"

Fall Back Edit

"Get back!"
"Team fall back"

Friendly fire Edit

"Watch your friendly fire !"
"Hold your fire !"
"Friendly fire, friendly fire !"
"ça va pas ?"


"I'm blind !"
"Can't see !"
"Blinded !"

Cheer / Compliment Edit

"Good one"
"Nice shot !"
"Good kill !"
"That's how you do it !"
"Nice job, the're all dead !"
"Oh yeah !"
"Alright !"
"Nice !"
"C'est qui le taulier ?" (Who is the boss ?")
"Good job everyone !"
"Nice work everyone !"
"That was close !"
"That was a little too close !"
"C'est pas passé loin !" (That was close !")
"Good job, men !"
"Woohoo !"

Report In Edit

"Reporting in"
"Checking in"

Thanks Edit


Roger / Affirmative Edit

"Roger that"
"Sounds good"

Enemy Spotted Edit

"Enemy spotted !"
"Target spotted !"
"Target acquired !"
"I have eyes on the enemy !"
"I can see the Pirates"
"Pirates on view"
"I found the pirates"

Need backup Edit

"J'ai besoin d'aide !" (I need help)
"J'ai besoin de renforts" (I need backup)
"Need backup"
"Need support"
"Need backup now !"

Sector Clear Edit

"We are clear"
"Area secure"
"All clear"

I'm In Position Edit

"In position"
"I'm in position"


"I've got you"
"I've got your back"

Get Out Of There, It's Gonna Blow! Edit

Negative Edit

"That's negative"
"That's not going to happen"

Enemy Down Edit

"Got him"
"Got one"
"He's down"
"Je l'ai eu !" (I've got him)
"Pirate down"
"One less pirate"
"Prends ça matelot !" (Take this sailor !)

Special CommandsEdit

Round Start Edit

Round Win Edit

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