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The GSG-9 is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in the Counter-Strike series.


The German GSG-9 (Border Guard Group 9 of the Federal Police, German: Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei) is one of the groups in the Counter-Terrorist faction. The unit was founded by Ulrich Wegener, after the Munich Massacre in 1972 as part of the then Bundesgrenzschutz ("Federal Border Guard Force"), which was renamed Bundespolizei ("Federal Police") in 2005. As the name (and the word Polizei on their vests) implies, they fall under the auspices of the police instead of the military - Germany's constitution severely restricts domestic use of their armed forces during peace time.

They are famous for ending a 1977 hijacking in Mogadishu, Somalia, and are considered as one of the best counter-terrorist units across the globe.

Official Description

GSG-9 was born out of the tragic events that led to the death of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany.

The elite German counter-terrorism force, GSG 9 was established in 1973 and has reportedly discharged their weapons only five times in over 1,500 missions.[1]


GSG-9 faction was added in Beta 3.0 of Counter-Strike with a simpler model. In Counter-Strike 1.6, the helmet of the original GSG-9 featured (unusable) goggles. Later on in Condition Zero, the goggles were removed and replaced with a visor in Global Offensive.

The player models feature dark-blue uniforms with emblems on the outside of either arm, a ballistic vest with "POLIZEI" printed on the chest, and varieties of camouflaged helmets, including a flecktarn-patterned one in Global Offensive, with some operatives wearing their visors over their faces, and different numbers printed on the left side. They all wear balaclavas under their helmets.

The location of the "POLIZEI" on their kevlar vests was changed several times. It was on the back in Counter-Strike, on the side in Condition Zero and Deleted Scenes, and it was on the chest in Global Offensive.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the hand model used by the GSG-9 features dark teal sleeves with a lighter shade of teal for the outside of their gloves, the inside being black.

This player model is frequently used by players in dark maps such as Nuke, Prodigy, and Oilrig.

Deleted Scenes Uniforms

GSG-9 operatives will wear different uniforms depending on terrain.


  • Standard - Black combat outfit, and kevlar vest with "POLIZEI" on the side
  • Unseen Regular - Green outfit, and black kevlar vest
  • Jungle - Black camo, Blue chestplate


  • Regular operative - black helmet, with dark blue mask
  • Special - blue helmet, face exposed (in Downed Pilot)
  • Officer - Black beret with Eagle patch, microphone and face exposed


The bots that use this model are:

They appear in 3 missions.

Lost Cause

The player is first sent to infiltrate a Guerrilla Warfare compound, his objective is to find provide to the CnC, the location of the German nationals. For this first part of the mission they only assist the player via radio communication. Later when the player reaches the hostages' position, 2 GSG-9 operatives are protecting the hostages. They assign to the player his next objective which is to clear a path for the 2 GSG-9 operatives and the hostages. They do no assist the player, they just brief him of his next objective and a little bit later assist him via radio communication. When the extraction team has been summoned by the player, a boat is sent to rescue the assault squad, the player and the hostages.

Motorcade Assault

In Motorcade Assault, members of the assault team (GSG-9 members) are assigned to assassinate the target while he attempts to escape, after holding off the resistance, the Commander orders Marco to hold the position, while the Commander and player move, then, the Commander was hit by a sniper, forcing the player to fight his way to kill the target and complete the mission. On the way, the ground team (GIGN forces), are pinned down by heavy enemy fire, killing 2 operatives and the other two managed to get to the evac point. Then the player fights his way to the target,realizing that the VIP is safe from bullets, the player spots a crate with HE grenades and manages to get one through the window, killing the target. The last part, the extraction team (GSG-9 members) is pinned down by enemy snipers, the player manages to eliminate all snipers and reaching the extraction point in time.

Downed Pilot

A German military chopper has been shot down by the Argentinian branch of the Guerrilla Warfare during training. A search and rescue squad has been sent. The bravo team (which features the player) finds the crash site and immediately starts looking for the pilots. They fight several Guerrilla Warfare members and a whole abandoned mine and compound which serves as their base. Later after the bravo team has rescued the first pilot, the player is stunned and imprisoned, he then escapes with ease. After eliminating a lot of enemies, the bravo team proceeds to the compound, where 2 pilots are held. When both are secured and safe. The extraction team arrives, ending the mission. During the first part of the mission, operatives are helping the player eliminating a few enemies. During the mid-part, the player is completely on his own. During the last part of this mission, he is again assisted by the bravo team.


  • They were the third model made playable in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta.
    • The GSG-9 were on more maps such as Office and Train prior to the August 10th 2012 update.
  • The GSG-9, alongside with the GIGN, were shown on the promotional pictures for all of the Counter-Strike games.
    • Perhaps somewhat ironically, they have made few official appearances in Global Offensive, officially appearing only in Baggage, Monastery, and Overpass.
  • They were featured in the primary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer, arriving on Nuke to stop the Phoenix Connexion from bombing the plant.
    • The GSG-9 featured in the trailer have an alternate head model with a dark green helmet that is not currently featured in the game.
  • The GSG-9 have unused quotes mentioning hostages.

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