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Radio Commands Edit

Decoy outEdit

"Decoy's out!"
"Deploying decoy!"

Throwing FlashbangEdit

"Throwing flashbang!"
"Deploying Flashbang!"

Fire in the holeEdit

"Fire in the hole!"
"Grenade out!"
"Throwing Grenade!"

Incendiary outEdit

"Incendiary out!"
"Throwing Fire!'"

Smoke outEdit

"Throwing smoke!"
"Laying down smoke!"

Cover Me Edit

Cover Me!
"Hold up, cover me!"

You Take The Point Edit

"Lead the way."
"I'm with you."

Hold This Position Edit

"Hold this position."
"Cover this area."
"Stay here."

Regroup Edit

"Stick together."

Follow Me Edit

"Follow me !"
"Stick up on me !"
"I lead."
"I'll take point."
"On me."

Taking Fire, Need Assistance Edit

"I'm under fire."
"Under fire!"
"Contact! Contact!"
"Needs assistance!"
"I'm in trouble."
"I'm in big trouble."
"Taking fire!"

Go Edit

"Go, go, go!"
"Move it, move it!"
"Let's go, let's go !"
"Los! Los! Los!"

Fall Back Edit

"Fall back!"
"Team, fall back!"

Thanks Edit




Oh, Scheiße! (ger. Oh, shit!)
― When the bomb is about to explode
Too late, run!
―When the bomb is about to explode
Oh, crap!
―When the bomb is about to explode
Run! Run!
―When the bomb is about to explode
Clear the area!
―When the bomb is about to explode

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