Csgo set gamma 2

The Gamma 2 Case badge

Csgo crate gamma 2

The Gamma 2 Case

Csgo crate key gamma 2

The Gamma 2 Case Key

The Gamma 2 Case is a weapon case consisting of community weapons and new knife finishes released as part of the August 18, 2016 update. It requires a Gamma Case Key to be opened and cannot be opened with a standard CS:GO Case Key.



  • Despite being in a Community Weapon case consisting of skins uploaded to the Steam Workshop, AUG Syd Mead lacks a Workshop Page.
    • It was believed that the skin is created directly by Valve after contacting American concept artist Syd Mead, bypassing the Workshop. The description states that: "It has been custom designed by renowned artist Syd Mead." and its flavor text references the futurist designs of Syd Mead.[1]

Update History

August 18, 2016
  • Added to the game