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The Gamma Case


The Gamma Case Key

The Gamma Case is a weapon case consisting of community weapons and new knife finishes released as part of the June 15, 2016 update. It requires a Gamma Case Key to be opened and cannot be opened with a standard CS:GO Case Key.



  • On Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel, the numbers 7355608 are hidden on the back of the gun.
  • Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel contains many hidden smaller painted messages and symbols that can be seen at a very low weapon condition, which are covered by the "Kill Them All" graffiti on higher conditions.[1] Some of the contents include:
    • 7355608 (the C4 code)
    • 1337 Krew (leetspeak version of Elite Crew)
    • RIP CT
    • BAM
    • KILL
    • BURN IT DOWN (overlaid on a painted Molotov Cocktail)
    • BANG
    • BOOM
    • A heart symbol
    • A star symbol

Update History

June 15, 2016
  • Added to the game



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