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Operation Operation Wildfire
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Introduced as part of Operation Wildfire, the Gemini campaign is the first campaign available to the player as part of the operation.


The Gemini campaign is made up of many missions of varying difficulty. Unlike the previous operation's campaigns, the Gemini campaign is made up of re-playable Guardian and 3 Co-op missions.

Completing missions in the Gemini Campaign also unlocks pages for a CS:GO comic.

The Elite Of The Elite  (801)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Protect the bombsite from enemies on Coast

Score a win by getting 15 enemy kills with Nova. Max money is limited on this mission


Brief Audio
Kotaro Izaki: Hello. I'm Kotaro Izaki, and this is Carmen Cocinero.

Carmen Cocinero: Hey.

Kotaro Izaki: It's my pleasure to inform you that you've been selected to join a special branch of the Coalition Taskforce.

Carmen Cocinero: Lucky you.

Kotaro Izaki: Our missions do not follow the standard rules of engagement. We work in pairs, relying on teamwork to take out overwhelming force.

Carmen Cocinero: Let's see what you got.”

Op07 801

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work  (802)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward


Brief Audio
Carmen Cocinero: Felix likes to trumpet the success of Operation Bloodhound, but he still has egg on his face after Alex Kincaide got captured during Vanguard. Once we get you two up to speed we're going to clean up his mess.”
Op07 802

Final Exam  (803)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward


Brief Audio
Kotaro Izaki: When we go after Kincaide you'll have very little support in the field… get comfortable with using the weapons of our enemies against them.”
Op07 803


  • "Gemini" is the third in the zodiac, also known as "The Twins," a direct reference to the co-op nature of the campaign.

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