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Georgian Riot Police
Team Counter-Terrorist
Origin Georgia flag Georgia

Fearing a coup d'etat during opposition demonstrations in the capital city of Tbilisi in 2007, the Georgian government dispatched the heavily armored Riot Polis to disperse the crowd. Met with resistance, the security forces used considerable force in disrupting protestors and silencing seditious media outlets.
―Official (unused) description

The Georgian Riot Police (also known as Republic of Georgia Riot Polis) is a cut Counter-Terrorists faction from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Not much information is known about this cut faction other than models were originally made by Hidden Path Entertainment. Picture of this faction first appeared on site CGhub, where it was uploaded by HPE dev with nickname "Ony".



  • The Georgian Riot Police members use the Russian PBF Gas Mask.
  • The 2007 Tbilisi coup d'etat mentioned in the Georgian Riot Police background may be a possible reference to the "2007 Georgian demonstrations" that occurred between the riot police and the anti-government protesters. The government accused the Russian secret services of being involved in an attempted coup d'état during the event.