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Gift Package


Pallet of Presents


Audience Participation Parcel

Gift Packages refer to three different packages in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, usually treated as one type of package. All of the gift packages are available during the winter holidays, and can be bought from the Steam Market during the holidays, or at any other time.

The act of using a Gift Package used to be broadcasted to the whole Global Offensive community via a HUD notification when a round started. The notification contained the gift givers' names and how many gifts they recently gave. The notification HUD was removed because people used it to promote their websites (Mostly skin gambling sites) by putting the link in their username.

Gift Package

When used, a random player in the user's match (excluding the user) will get a random item.

Pallet of Presents

When used, up to nine people in the user's match (excluding the user) will receive a random item.

Audience Participation Parcel

When used, up to 25 people viewing the user's match will receive a random item.

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